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See what happens in our body when we consume too much salt

1 Salt, which is vital for life, can be transformed from friend to enemy and endanger human health when consumed in excess. In addition to preventing food spoilage, salt has an antiseptic feature that protects against microbes and protects the fluid-electrolyte and acid-base balance of the body and balances low blood pressure. Lecturer. Özgün İyigün, a member, made warnings.

Stating that the daily need for iodine is 150 micrograms, iyigün said that salt consumption should not exceed 5-6 grams per day . He pointed out that table salt has an iodine-containing salt form, one of the most important microelements for health. Lecturer. “It is necessary to prefer iodized salt in salt consumption, because the iodine taken with water and food in our country is not sufficient in terms of health,” said member Iyigun.


He warned that when the iodine intake in the body is insufficient, various diseases related to the failure of the thyroid gland may be encountered, therefore, Iigün noted that it is not recommended to consume iodine-free salt, except for those who work on the thyroid gland, which produces the hormone of metabolism, and hypertension patients.

Emphasizing that 1 gram of salt contains about 400 mg of sodium. Lecturer. Member Iyigun said, “Our daily sodium need is 1500-2400 mg. For this reason, 6 grams a day, 1 teaspoon of salt, meets our need. ” Iyigun underlined that salt should be added to the meal at the table, not at the stove, because the iodine in the salt added while the meal is hot loses its effectiveness.
5 Noting that inadequate intake of salt, excessive consumption also poses significant health hazards, the doctor emphasized that 1 gram of salt accumulates on average 250 grams of water in the body. Iyigun explained the harm of excessive salt consumption as follows:
6 Excess salt consumption leads to an excessive increase in blood pressure due to an increase in sodium. On the other hand, hypertension leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular (heart attack) and brain-vascular (stroke-stroke) diseases. Sodium in salt also contains excess water, causing edema in the body. 1 gram of salt accumulates on average 250 grams of water in the body.
7 Hypertension causes eye disorders and vision loss. Excess salt; It improves insulin resistance by disrupting insulin release and signal transmissions, resulting in diabetes tendency and obesity disease.
8 Adding that salt also has an appetizing feature, Iyigun added, “Excess salt consumption causes the release of adiponectin from the oil tank. Adiponectin triggers liver fat. Excessive consumption of salt causes calcium release in bones, loss of calcium in the kidneys and resulting in osteoporosis. In addition, excess salt raises blood pressure, causing damage to the capillaries within the kidney. As a result, protein leakage (kidney damage) develops. ”
9 Pointing out that the risk increases with the increase of salt consumption in the formation of stones in kidney, Iyigun said, “Consuming too much salt due to the increase of calcium excretion also slows down the work of the intestines and causes constipation and vitamin deficiencies. If daily salt consumption does not exceed 5-6 grams, which corresponds to the consumption of approximately one teaspoon of salt, we are protected from diseases and damages of salt. There is an increased risk of disease, ”he said.
10 Fast-food-style nutrition, highlighting that the consumption of ready-packaged food has increased recently, the consumption of salt in children has reached a very high level. Lecturer. Member Goodday “of salt consumption in Turkey was determined to be 18 grams per day. This is 3 times the need. While this rate is 9-12 grams per day in the west, the amount of salt taken with only 5 medium slices of bread in our country is 7.2 grams. Moreover, our ready-to-eat food and canned food consumption is also very high. It should not be forgotten that excessive consumption of various packaged foods such as chips, salami, sausages, bacon, ketchup and sauces in childhood leads to an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and kidney diseases due to excessive salt consumption ”.
11 Iyigun, bacon, sausage, sausage, salami, ketchup, instant sauces, turnip juice, tomato paste, potato chips, instant soup, bouillons, cheese, bread, soda, dried fruits, biscuits, pastry, pickles, olives, nuts, He said that in addition to canned foods, processed and frozen foods and all packaged ready-made products are in the high-risk group with a lot of salt.
12 Dr. also made recommendations for reducing salt in food. Lecturer. Member Iyigun listed them as follows: We should avoid consuming packaged products. Dishes should be cooked without salt, salt should be added to the table, processed meat consumption should be reduced, consumption of canned foods should not be preferred, nuts, almonds, walnuts and purslane should not be preferred in meals, should not be consumed in ready-made dough, should be given importance to healthy nutrition, dishes should be flavored with fresh and dried herbs instead of salt. consumption should be increased, plenty of water should be consumed. We take an average of 7.2 grams of salt with 5 medium slices of bread. For this reason, preparing and selling breads without salt can be a very appropriate measure.

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