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Selena Gomez in Justin Bieber post

Justin Bieber's social media post drew attention

Justin Bieber, married to Hailey Baldwin, recently posted his watchlist on HBO Max on his social media account. It did not go unnoticed that Biebere’s share also included the cooking program presented by his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The followers of the famous singer did not miss the details in the shared photo. Many followers still commented on Justin’s best friend Selena Gomez.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber caught the detail of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez on the radar of his followers in a photo he posted on his Instagram account a few days ago.

Being married to Hailey Baldwin, Bieber posted his watch list on HBO Max with his fans. It turned out that the last poster on the list of the 26-year-old singer belongs to the cooking show presented by Gomez.

Justin Bieber Revealed Himself?


Some social media users discussed whether or not Justin Bieber posted this on purpose.

One of his followers said, “Justin Bieber accidentally exposes Selena Gomez watching the cooking show. Let me get your comments?” he wrote.


One of Bieber fans also commented as follows:

Strictly speaking, the program was not on his watch list. But it’s weird how she took the picture and that Selena shares her cooking show, even though she knows the world will talk about it.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up and made peace many times during their nearly 7-year relationship. The two ended their love completely in 2018.

Bieber had later married model Hailey Baldwin in 2018.


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