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Golden State Killer Caught

Serial murderer DeAngelo, who is also responsible for 50 rapes and 120 robberies in the USA, admitted that he has committed 13 murders. The serial killer in the United States was finally caught.

Golden State Killer

The 74-year-old ex-officer, Joseph DeAngelo, called “Golden State Murderer” in the U.S., who was captured two years ago after a 40-year investigation, acknowledged that he had committed 13 murders.

DeAngelo, who is also responsible for rape and more than 120 robbery, is said to have reached an agreement with the prosecutor’s office and accepted all charges, provided that he was not sentenced to death.

DeAngelo is expected to face a life sentence in August for crimes committed in the 1970s and 80s.

Relatives and other victims of those killed in this trial will also testify.

For the serial killer, he offered many executions. On social media, people say that these people should be killed immediately.

Serial Killer Trial Held in Ballroom

DeAngelo, who was a police officer in California when he committed the crimes attributed to him, was caught in April 2018 with his DNA matching in a pedigree site.

Yesterday’s hearing, in which Joseph DeAngelo accepted all the charges, was held at Sacramento University’s ballroom for 2,000 people so that victims and families could attend.

DeAngelo, who was dismissed from police officers for theft in 1979, commenced the murders in California between 1976 and 1986 in Sacramento, then spread to San Francisco and other cities in the south of the state and south.

The ages of DeAngelo, a veteran veteran and auto mechanic, killed between 12 and 41 years old. It is stated that Joseph DeAngelo stole money, jewelry and identity cards after killing these people.

According to the police, DeAngelo committed his last murder in Orange County and killed an 18-year-old woman after rape.

The American Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI had awarded a $ 50,000 prize for DeAngelo, who lived with his daughter and granddaughter in 2016.

Is it a pleasure to commit murder?

People with symptoms and mental problems have an aggressive attitude towards themselves and society. Many murderers in the US state that they have received a lot of referral from committing murder. “Especially devastated spirits” words of murderers.


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