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When we heard this news, we were in the office and we were having a subject meeting. Excitement engulfed us all for the unification that was great for the small fashion world for humanity. Fashion lovers shared this news as “dreams came true”, “my mom and dad decided to unite”. Everyone’s favorite designer is self and yes relative, but is there anyone who admires true Miuccia and Raf? The dreams grew as we thought that we should put this issue on the table and investigate what fashion means for the future. We decided to push all the conditions to go to Milan and interview Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. But while we were making big decisions, life said to us “calm down” and the corona virus that covered the whole world reached an unimaginable dimension. Not writing to Milan, I am writing this article when I can not even go out of our house. How about examining this merger that will cause cultural changes as our chairs turn into our new office desks?

We rewind the story to learn the basics of work as we always do. And we realized that both designers’ backgrounds, personal stories, outlooks and ways of handling the world are parallel. “Provocation, bold searches, the power of new ideas” on Prada’s website. . . ”The official statement explaining this merger ends. Since its foundation, only the ones whose family name is Prada have served in the brand’s strategic positions, Raf Simons is the first name to join the Prada family. The Belgian silent and shy kid you understand is breaking the fashion monarchy.

There are three stories that are considered as milestones in Prada history. The first one was that in 1978, when only one bag was branded, things changed and the iconic bags were created by Miuccia Prada’s handling of the reins (including the nylon bag born from the ashes of last season). The second major change is taking place with Mrs. Prada presenting her first garment collection in 1989. He combined intercultural awareness with deep fashion knowledge and things have changed completely since then. All other fashion houses, ready-to-wear brands, small designers, everyone but everyone influenced by Prada and shaped their collections. What he did was not to keep up with trends but to create trends. His ideas have always been beyond his aesthetic perception. Maybe you know who Miuccia Prada is a former communist. Therefore, the strong and sharp silhouettes that look like uniforms are perhaps the simplest to describe what he did. Of course, to be a legendary designer, it is not enough just to be doing this. He always managed to change the course of the event with different touches. For example, if you examine the Prada look, you will always see that there is something odd or even ugly. Sometimes a feeling that bothers people. A little annoyance. It was already doing this long before it was our new pleasure to be unappealing. In an interview, he talks about how the most important thing in the fashion world is self-expression. “Because with your clothes, you can express not only social events but also what happened today and the aesthetic perception of that period. By the way, your clothing style may be the subject that you care less about yourself, but it is the first thing others see in you. When you don’t have to make others feel happy, you get dressed originally, you will be what you want. This shows how strong you are and how confident you are. “What is this not a life lesson?


And the third move that will change the flow: the meeting of Raf and Miuccia. What Raf Simons has been trying to do for years has been creating this unique style that Miuccia has been talking about. He tried to visualize a mood and mindset, without paying attention to trends, economic gains. “The reason I am dressed in Prada is not only I love designs, but I can connect with the perception and perspective of Miuccia,” says Raf Simons in an interview with System Magazine in 2016. The relationship between the two you will understand is based on the past and even more of the past; To the times when Simons was the creative director of Jil Sander. In 2005, Prada Group, who was the owner of Jil Sander at that time, brought Simons to the head of the fashion house. Thanks to the momentum gained by the brand, the relationship of the two was based on trust and a ground that would not easily deteriorate. When their common perspectives came into play, they have turned into two people who have always supported each other ever since. “Sometimes I am talking about an idea that comes to my mind and then they tell me that Raf did it before,” says Ms. Prada. Collective mind or common perspective. . . Whatever you name it, this is the story of two people who have trouble with the system and try to express it. “I don’t really care about the clothes. What I care about is having an attitude. I am interested in the past, present and future. I combine the memories with the vision of the future and place them in today, ”he said in an interview. But did Raf Simons always leave heart-worn fashion houses with heartbreak? Can’t she keep up with this consumption pace or fashion giants don’t understand her vision? So, will Simons hold onto the brand Prada? The introduction of a man with such a vision to the head of a cult fashion house has been very exciting news for fashion nerds. I can not imagine the great harmony it will have with the brand and what they will do. I can’t wait to see what happens when the gods of fashion unite at a time when we’re experiencing a lack of creativity and everything is actually happening. With the fast start of 2020, I think it was one of the most exciting news we received this year. Yes, they have the same mentality, but this union does not create a strange feeling of excitement and intrigue. Two very strong people, both are types that never compromise their ideas. They are on the same rope. . . We look forward to seeing what will happen, how long this union will last and how it will shape our life. Meanwhile, we would like to hear that we, like Kanye West, could easily reach Raf Simons’ $ 45,000 bomber or designs written by Riot Riot Riot (yes, you did not read wrong 45 thousand!). Not in the current fashion layout, but why not in the next fashion revolution. . . Because obviously, in the changing world system, fashion will also take its share. Many will be eliminated, but some will shape the future from today. The combination of Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada’s forces will definitely play a role in this. And no, don’t worry, 70-year-old Miuccia is not retiring.

Article: Serli Gazer Boyacı

ELLE Turkey is taken from the April 2020 number.


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