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Shock News: Basketball player Valentina Vignali makes an interesting disclosure

Beautiful basketball player Valentina Vignali discloses the boat captain who secretly took obscene photos

Valentina Vignali, former Italian basketball player and model, revealed a captain who took secret photos of herself after an incident. Speaking to Grazia, Vignali said that he secretly took a photo of the captain of the boat while he was vacationing on a boat with his friends. The beautiful athlete stated that the captain threw his phone into the sea after the incident and said that he did not have any evidence and regretted what he did.

Sexy Italian basketball player Valentina Vignali exposed the interesting event that happened to her. The statements that were almost on the agenda in social media attracted the attention of many people. The news brought to the agenda by Italian magazine news drew attention.

Valentina Vignali, former Italian basketball player and model, revealed a captain who took secret photos of herself after an incident.

Saying that he saw the pictures with his own eyes after the events and threw the phone into the sea, Vignali said: “I don’t want it to happen to another woman. I wanted to clarify the subject after landing and asked the man. He was about 50 years old. I wanted to look at his phone because he took our pictures.” ‘He said. Then he gave me the phone and I saw it with my own eyes. “

“This is a disgusting event. In the message part,” Are these enough for you? Or do you want more? ” He wrote. He sent the photos to someone else. “

“I have decided not to remain silent. Girls should know that in such an event you must say immediately, you cannot be silent.”

“Of course I am a model. I cover Playboy magazines, but they are my chosen photos.” “There is a lot of difference between the photograph taken secretly and magazine photographs. They cannot be compared to the photograph taken secretly between my legs.”

“My fault was throwing the captain’s cell phone overboard. Unfortunately I don’t have any evidence at the moment.”

It is on the agenda that he filed a criminal complaint about the incident, but that there is no evidence that the blame was groundless.

Support from her followers for Valentina Vignali Statements

The statements made by Italian Basketball Player and Model Valentina Vignali attracted a lot of attention in social media. Many of his followers made statements of support to the professional basketball player. Especially the male followers made great insults to the captain about the incident.

Although Valentina Vignali did not say she liked this interest, her followers continue to support the beautiful athlete. He seems to have attracted the attention of many people who do not know him, especially after his explanations.


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