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21 surprising events we didn’t understand how the Simpsons predicted

There are many prophecies about the famous TV Series The Simpsons. The series, which has been broadcasting since December 17, 1989, has made many prophecies. Especially with the Simpsons Kobe Prediction and other predictions, he was frequently talked about.

How Simpsons Made Kobe Prediction

Famous American Cartoonist “Matt Groening” in an interview on these allegations: He states that within the Simpsons they only guess and follow the agenda well. He smiles, especially by saying that he was a prophecy beyond the prediction of the fall of the Twin Towers in 2001.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that there is a large Jewish labosy behind these events. Especially since the foundation of Fox, it belongs to a Jewish family. They want to frighten people who have the instinct to live and die with such movies and TV series leading the world politics.

The Simpsons and Kobe Bryant's Death

The famous American TV series has been on the agenda with references and prophecies. Especially the fact that Kobe Bryant described the helicopter accident aroused suspicions in people’s minds. There is a lot of criticism and foresight on social media in this regard.
On the other hand, many news and articles about Simpsons producers and directors are shared on the internet. It is claimed that these people actually serve certain organizations and are in the cinema part of the new world order.

What did Matt Groening Kobe Bryant say about his death?

Matt Groening had to make a statement based on the intense messages that came after this incident. “Kobe Bryant” was someone with a large number of helicopters and traveled frequently with these vehicles. On the other hand, he stated that such an estimate is not difficult. Indeed, the Famous Basketball Player traveled frequently with his helicopter.
NBA legend Kobe Bryant was not forgotten at the 92nd Oscar Award Ceremony
NBA legend Kobe Bryant, who tragically died in a helicopter crash, was not forgotten at the Oscar Award Ceremony either.
The 92nd Academy Awards, announced at the Los Angeles Dolby Theater, were the stage for the stargate. In the place known as the ‘red carpet’ where famous actors walked before the ceremony, the details of Kobe Bryant drew attention.

Lee, a fan of New York Knicks and following the NBA closely, had a close relationship with Kobe Bryant.

The Simpsons (The Simpsons) are on the agenda with their prophecies: Did Donald Trump know that he would catch the corona virus?

The world-famous cult cartoon The Simpsons continues to be the subject of social media with its prophecies. The series also came to the fore with the allegations that Donald Trump would be elected president beforehand. However, on August 27, 2020, marked as the date of death, Trump was nominated for the 59th presidential election to be held on November 3. After US President Donald Trump announced that he was infected with the corona virus, the death scene in the Simpsons prophecies came to the fore once again. Here are the predictions of The Simpsons that are correct and will be released …

Beirut boom

The world’s most famous animated series The Simpsons is on the agenda again with a prophetic discourse. After the explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, an old episode of The Simpsons was discussed on social media.

Prophecy or Truth? 21 Surprising Events That We Didn't Understand How The Simpsons Guessed

1.The death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash in an episode published in 2013:

2.In a section published in 1993, coronavirus was included:

3.In a 2001 episode, the burning of the Springfield police station, just like the burning of the police station in the anti-racist protests that started in America:

4. Donald Trump is elected president of the United States:

5.The show that Lady Gaga prepared for the Super Bowl in 2017 is actually clearly shown in an episode that aired in 2012:

6. Homer’s use of a rigged voting machine:

7.In this section, published in 1990, the beheading of sculptures of figures that pose a problem:

8.A tiger attacked Roy Horn during his show in 2003:

9.Using smart watch:

10. Ebola virus:

In the 11th Winter Olympics, the United States beat Sweden in the curling:

12. Bengt Holmström’s Nobel Prize winner:

13.Daenerys reference in their 2017 episodes:

14. Bankruptcy of JC Penney:

15. Farming and agriculture related games suddenly becoming popular:

16. Amazon fire:

17. The introduction of automatic correction in our lives:

18. Homer’s solve the Higgs Break equation:

19.Three eyed fish:

20. Economic crisis in Greece:

21. And finally, Disney’s acquisition of Fox:


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