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Social distance for all: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was not taken to the cafe he went to

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, exemplified by his leadership against the corona virus, was not taken to a café due to social distance rules. Ardern and his partner Clarke Gayford were rejected at the door of a café that had been refilled in accordance with the physical distance rules in the country that was reopening.

According to reports in the New Zealand press, the couple went to the popular café Olive in the capital Wellington, yesterday for breakfast late. However, the couple were not taken in because there was no space due to social distance rules. Soon when a table was empty in the cafe, a waiter ran after them and invited them in.


While the news attracted attention on social media, the statement made by Ardern’s office stated that due to virus restrictions, the waiting times in cafes and restaurants are long, and that the prime minister says he is waiting like everyone else. Clarke said in his statement from the Gayford Twitter account that he was responsible for not making a reservation. The officials of the cafe, on the other hand, made an anonymous statement to the New Zealand Herald newspaper, saying that there was no exceptional treatment to Ardern and Gayford.

New Zealand was noted for being one of the countries that took the strictest measures against the corona virus very early. While leadership and the economic aid packages announced by Ardern have received praise, 1149 corona virus cases and 21 deaths have been recorded in the country so far.

Ardern’s government eased many of the social restrictions last Thursday, and places like cafes, cinemas and shopping malls opened two months later. (EXTERNAL NEWS)


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