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Sports announcer Diletta Leotta’s reason for separation has been revealed!

Diletta Leotta's reason for separation

Diletta Leotta, considered one of the most famous announcers in the television world, had a love affair with boxer Daniele Scardina for a while.

Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina were sharing together during the quarantine period in Italy. With the end of the quarantine and the start of football matches in Italy, Leotta has also returned to work.

According to reports in the Italian press, it is known that the beautiful announcer, who is allegedly in love with many different names, is now single. Italian announcer Leotta is enjoying a long vacation.

Stating that he missed football very much and made statements before and after the match, Leotta’s love life deteriorated while his business life was improving.

The popular couple’s relationship ended soon.


The reasons why Leotta and Scardina’s love ended suddenly were also revealed.

He has devoted more time to his work

According to the reports of the Italian press, Leotta’s focus on himself and his work rather than his relationship and his frequent travel to different cities for business disturbed Scardina.

Scardina stated that she could not tolerate this situation after a while, and despite these developments, the relationship was ended by Leotta.

Diletta Leotta is silent after the breakup

It is alleged that Leotta did not spare time for his beloved by saying, “ The job is too busy, I have a lot of work. ” However, the latest rumors are that the two will make peace again.


It was stated that after Leotta, who was on vacation in Sardinia with a few friends, Scardina went on vacation to the same place and stayed very close to Leotta.
It is alleged that Scardina went to Sardinia to make peace with Leotta.

Some sources stated that the two were found in the same place by chance.

Diletta Leotta, who made a statement about the breakup recently, spoke as follows;

Daniele and Diletta Leotta Story Over

The story between Daniele and us is not a story to be trivialized as it is on social media. On the contrary, it is a very important and sensitive issue.
For this reason, the things I will tell about our experiences are not things that can fit in 3-5 pages.


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