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Spring Summer 2020 fashion shows may have taken place in September, but the styles we see in street fashion continue to set new trends. As with any hero, trends that stand out are also helpful. No matter how much we say ‘micro’ to these trends, the styles that are under the spotlights of street fashion give the signals of the pieces we will see in the new season.

Thanks to social media, trends appear in a day. Celebrities also adopt the styles we see from the influencers in street styles. Trends, which are in a continuous cycle with the Instagram effect, create inspiration from retro styles and create a modern atmosphere by combining with the styles we see in current fashion shows. Micro trends shaping details in clothes and accessories are not as small as the name! To see the hidden heroes of the season, you can examine the 5 micro trends below …


While thick chains dominated jewelry trends, this time it has spread to bags! The thick and oversized chains we see in fashion shows and street fashion are seen in the bag details. Chains that decorate the handles or bag ends are both jewelry and bag substitutes.

  1. Black Chain Accessory Handle Bag, 299 TL TWIST twist. Com. t
  2. Bag, 5,195 TL LES PETITS JOUEURS vakko. com
  3. The Pouch Bag with Chain, £ 1,951 BOTTEGA VENETA matchesfashion. com


(2020 Spring Summer Blouse Models, Getty Images)

While shirring details have been seen in dresses and skirts in the past seasons, this sewing method continues in blouses. You can match gathered blouses and shirts that are especially popular in the summer with your jeans or high-waisted skirts. Ruching blouses that add a flirty and cute atmosphere still prevail!

  1. Pleated Balloon Sleeve Blouse, 1,100 TL MY BEST FRIENDS mybestfriends. Com. t
  2. Thin Knitwear Top, 249 TL H & M hm. com
  3. Shirred Detail Shirt, 695 TL GHOSPELL Vakkorama. Com. t


Chain necklaces and maximalist jewelry are among the favorites of recent times. If you think minimalism has disappeared completely, you are wrong! Seal rings are one of the most stylish ways to highlight your colorful manicure. Try one of Spring’s favorite jewelry trends with letters, gems, or plain seal rings!

  1. Letter Ring, 310 TL LINYA JEWELERY brandroom. Com. t
  2. Geometric Pattern Ring, 79. 99 TL YARGICI judge. com
  3. Rigged Print Ring, 69 TL İPEKYOL ipekyol. Com. t


Did we give up fisherman hats? No! In recent years, the fishing hats, which are under the spotlights of fashion, have taken form from form. Fishing hats seen in PVC, vinyl, leather, patterned and colorful models are in a form we are not used to seeing in spring! Get ready to create modern and cool styles with fisherman hats that bring nostalgia with feathers to the peaks.

  1. Artificial Hairy Fishing Hat, € 350 EMMA BREWIN net-a-porter. com
  2. Monogram Patterned Feathery Fishing Hat, € 444 BURBERRY farfetch. com
  3. Pink Feathery Fishing Hat, £ 14 TOPSHOP topshop. com


(2020 Spring Summer Plaid Dress Models, Getty Images)

If the winter months have plaids, the spring season also has ginghams! The ginghams we embrace each season take on colorful pastels or vibrant tones in Spring 2020. We create fun styles with ginghams reminiscent of colorful picnic covers.

  1. Gingham Skirt, 179. 95 TL ZARA zara. com
  2. Gingham Jacket, € 1,190 PACO RABANNE mytheresa. com
  3. Buttoned Plaid Blouse, 159. 99 TL MANGO shop. mango. com

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