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Star singer Mariah Carey confessed her sister’s disgusting plan years later

Mariah Carey confessed her sister's disgusting plan years later: at the age of 12 she forced sex for money

The world famous singer Mariah Carey made stunning confessions about her childhood. Carey said that her older sister, who had been around for years, forced her to have sex with money at the age of 12.

Marking a period with her voice and songs, 50-year-old Grammy award winner Mariah Carey made striking statements about her childhood, which she has not described in great detail until now.

The singer was a guest on the show called The Oprah Conversation and read some excerpts from her upcoming book, The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

Among the chapters Carey read, the most striking was the lines in which his older sister Allison allegedly forced him to have sex in exchange for money.

Mariah Carey claimed that when she was 12 years old, her older sister, Allison, tried to force her to give drugs, injuring her in the meantime, causing third-degree burns.

Carey referred to his older sister Allison and his older brother Morgan as “my old sister” and “my old brother.” The famous singer claimed that both of them had lied and attacked him for years. She described her brother as “prone to extreme violence” and her sister as “traumatized”.

Mariah Carey made confessions about her older sister, Allison!

Nine years ago, news appeared in the press that Mariah Carey’s older sister Allison was a prostitute and contracted AIDS to make a living. Allison Carey suggested that she had no other choice but to live.

In an interview with the press earlier this year, Allison Carey claimed that her mother abused her when she was very young. His statements about the incident became the agenda. Allison stated that the worst days of her life were childhood.


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