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Social isolation has enabled us to review and strengthen our relationship with our loved ones. In this interesting period when we understood that small things are the greatest happiness in our lives, we had the chance to establish more sincere connections with our friends and family. No matter how far we are, we are closer than ever with digital methods from Zoom parties to video speech birthdays! Stella McCartney, who is in quarantine like all of us, reflected this unique and bizarre period into her new campaign.

In cooperation with director Anna Pollack, who lives in Brooklyn, McCartney drew the models in their isolation. Every woman, from school counselors to photographers, posed in Stella McCartney’s new underwear collection. Pollack, from California to Mexico, in the series of photos, “Is it clear with DNA in our family veins or with love in our hearts?” asked the question.

Pollack, who first converted his cameras to Jamaica, filmed filmmaker Rebecca. Stating that she took online lessons, painted and worked on her short film during the isolation process, Rebecca said that she enjoyed the tropical sun and trees. “My favorite time is the morning, because the day still has all the opportunities for everything you want it to be,” said Rebecca, posing with a pink bodysuit from McCartney.

Another model of the campaign, Claudia, was shot in New York. “I painted, read a book, got on the bike and looked around, planted seeds and started watching The Wire,” said Claudia, who said she hasn’t broken her ties with nature.

“My favorite thing about where I am is is looking at the ocean, splashing whales and seeing waves crashing on giant rocks,” said Anna, who joined the campaign from California. Finally, the McCartney campaign, which turned its lens into Mexico, viewed the model and photographer Yulu. Yulu, who said that he was in isolation with his closest friend, said that he was cooking, writing and meditating. “I brought my Super 8 camera here and I go for a walk with it, I try to see the space and surreal peace here,” said Yulu, “I am really lucky to be with the sun and my sister.”


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