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Suggestions That Can Help Lasting Love

There are emotions and thoughts that both parties feel different from each other in the relationship. Our minds often advise us to create solutions to these processes through emotional and logical messages. But the relationship is more than all these messages. The continuity of the attraction between two parties, closeness and loyalty are concepts that we can consider as always in a relationship. Considering that all this is happening in harmony as love, the shortcut maps to be applied on both sides in order to have love and survive will always contribute to the relationship. I wanted to share with you some suggestions that can help keep love;

  1. First, improve your ability to listen to your partner’s speech. Don’t think about responding first.

  2. Explain clearly what you want to do and what you want to do without living without asking anything from your partner.

  3. Keep things that will be good for your couple and your partner in front of your own interests and show them Compassion.

  4. When you feel that you have been treated badly, leave him thinking.

  5. Speak to him often sincerely about issues other than your personal unhappiness.

  6. Try to laugh at your personal ambitions and know that many people do not achieve their goals.

  7. Even if there are inevitable disappointments, value your sexual behavior very much. Remember that sexuality has a special place in a couple relationship.

  8. Let your partner know that you include her sexual desires, it will improve your love.

  9. Love your body and its pleasures do not take the imperfections in your body so seriously.

  10. Truthfulness, honesty and respect nurture love, love nurtures a good sexy, good sex nurtures love. This is a feeding loop.

  11. Claim your emotions and show your partner. However, this is not the most important thing in any interpersonal relationship.

  12. Do not give up on your love right away if your partner cannot fully meet what you expect from your lover relationship.

  13. Make sure that your spouse includes love and sexuality. However, when you are satisfied with sexuality, you may not be saturated with love. Feel free to tell this to your partner.


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