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Sweet work started in Gaziantep, baklava makers ‘cheat’ warning

The bustle of baklava masters in Gaziantep started days before the Eid al-Fitr. This year, citizens who cannot go out due to coronavirus are ordering baklava because they cannot choose themselves. Baklava makers in the city warn citizens against fraudulent products in baklava orders over the phone and the internet. President of the Southeastern Anatolian Cooks and Pastry Federation and baklava maker Bahattin Sökmen stated that the most important issue in purchasing baklava is to shop from places where food inspection is done and certified.

‘They use corn syrup instead of sugar’

The Gaziantep masters, who warned citizens about baklava produced under unsanitary conditions under the stairs, emphasized that they should pay attention to the price. Stating that instead of plain oil, oil is used for baklava, 150 TL per kilo of peanuts, Bahattin Sökmen stated that oil quality is reduced to reduce the cost, “Firstly, it is understood from the best price of baklava in first class Gaziantep baklava. Our baklava is like 24 carat gold. Already the color should be similar to gold, the baklava should shine like gold. All the products we use in real baklava should be quality and natural. They use poor quality products in second quality baklava. For example, when corn syrup is used instead of sugar, the value of that baklava decreases. Even the taste of baklava changes when using peanuts with a weight of 40 TL. ”


Explaining that one of the most important products that give flavor to baklava is plain butter, Bahattin Sökmen said, “The plain baklava is not used in cheap baklava, but the margarine is used. For example, baklava made with 180 TL peanut and pistachio made with peanut with a weight of 40 TL will not be the same.Good peanut and good quality oil should be used in a good baklava. When buying good baklava, they should be taken from known places. One way to understand this is to pay attention to the fact that the pistachio put in the baklava is the size of rice. ”


Gaziantep baklava operator Muzaffer Boztoprak said that cheaper products were used to lower the price, but corn quality, corn syrup instead of sugar, other oils or peanuts were used instead of butter. Boztoprak said, “It is competing in the price by reducing this amount of material. But the conscious customer knows that the weight of a good baklava will not be less than 100 TL. If they take care of the prices in Baklava, there is no problem if they take them from the places they know. If they buy baklava, they will have eaten a healthy baklava. Other types of baklava taken from the places where the production is made under the stairs are troublesome. ”


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