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The 10 Most Delicious Chinese Dishes to Try

China, the giant country of the Far East, which is the subject of the news day by day with its rising economy, also draws attention with its cuisine with dozens of dishes. Although the media is on the agenda with interesting dishes, Chinese cuisine actually hosts very delicious dishes. Here are 10 delicious local dishes you can eat without hesitation while traveling to China.

1- Shou Zhuafan

Undoubtedly, one of the first meals that those who go to China should get used to is the lean, unsalted rice pilaf, which we know as porridge. You will find rice roasted with fatty meats and vegetables until this rice is used to you.

The most famous of these is the dish called Shou Zhuafan, especially in Muslim restaurants. Rice, usually roasted with carrot and lamb, is delicious enough to be a single meal.

2- Xiajiao - Shrimp Ravioli

This Chinese Ravioli, which is more preferred in Southern China, is filled with shrimp and steamed in special containers. One of the Most Delicious meals.

In addition to shrimp, green onion, soy sauce, ginger and sesame oil can also be added. In addition to making these mantıs very healthy, the steaming method also causes the flavors of shrimp and other foods to be mixed and trapped in the ravioli, and as a result, they turn into a wonderful taste.

3- Beijing Kaoya - Peking Duck

Peking Duck is the first dish that comes to mind when talking about China. If you happen to be in Beijing, it is possible to find dozens of restaurants where Beijing Ducks are made near the famous Tiananmen Square.

So what is the secret of this famous duck? Peking Duck, which was on the royal menu in the past, is cooked slowly hanging over the raw wood fire. After cooking, it is cut into thin slices and served with finely chopped vegetables such as green onions and carrots, as well as lavash and barbecue sauce.

Be careful while eating, first take a slice of duck and dip it into the sauce, and then arrange it in lavash with the vegetables you prefer and eat it by wrapping.

4- Chongqing Huoguo

Sichuan province is famous for its hot food. The most famous of these is the Chongqing Huoguo dish, which is especially famous in the capital of the state.

In fact, this dish is often a date meal for family or friends.

First, a stove is set up in the middle of the table and a deep bowl is placed on it. Water, oil and various spices are added to the bowl and boiled well. Various plates of thinly sliced ​​meats, vegetables, and tofu are added around the bowl.

After the water in the bowl boils well, the preferred meat, vegetable or tofu is taken with a stick and left in water for a few seconds and eaten with pleasure. Meat or vegetables that take longer to cook are thrown straight into the bowl and cooked for longer.

This deep pot usually consists of several compartments and different spices are added according to preference. Don’t worry if you can’t eat it bitterly, at least one capsule will be served to you painlessly.

5- Chunbing

Chunbing is a spring festival traditionally eaten by the Chinese and now available in restaurants every day of the year. Depending on the preference, vegetables or meat placed in the dough are fried in oil after wrapping and eaten with pleasure. This food, which we can call Chinese spring rolls, is usually eaten as a snack before the main meal.

6- Ganchaoniuhe

As is known, China is also famous for its delicious noodles / pasta. One of the most delicious of these is the roasted boiled noodles called Ganchaoniuhe in oil with various sauces, vegetables and meats.

For this dish, which is especially common in Southern China, hand-made noodles are boiled in water. Then the vegetables of your choice (usually green onions, soybean sprouts, chili) and beef in soy sauce and oil are roasted in a large deep pan. Finally add the boiled noodles and mix briefly. The result is a great flavor that no one can say no to!

7- Gongbaojiding - Kung Pao chicken dinner

Gongbaojiding is a kind of Chinese sautéed chicken. Sautéed chicken is seasoned with soy sauce and cornmeal and roasted in a large frying pan over high heat with onions, carrots and various green vegetables and peanuts. While it is roasted, vinegar and sugar are added. Once prepared, it is usually served with rice pilaf.

8- Mapo Doufu

Pan-fried tofu with chili sauce is one of the traditional Chinese dishes. This dish belonging to the province of Sichuan, also famous for its hot dishes, is one of the Chinese dishes that those who do not like bitterness should stay away from. This very simple dish is made by frying the tofu pieces and adding a bean-chili mixture to a mixture of sauce and oil and cooking. It is one of the most popular dishes in Chinese restaurants.

9- Nangbaorou

Another great dish made famous in Xinjiang restaurants is Nanbaorou. Tomato sauce is added to meat, boiled potatoes and onions. This mixture is added to the delicious pita. While it is a great pleasure to eat meat and vegetables, the softened pita with the hot sauce completes the ingredients perfectly.

10- Shanghai Xiaolongbao

Shanghai style Chinese mantı is a very delicious alternative for mantı lovers. These mantıs, which contain meat, chicken, shrimp or just vegetables, are prepared by steaming. The most important feature of this Shanghai style mantı is that the inner dish prepared while cooking the ravioli is steamed and captured in the ravioli. While eating manti, this delicious drinking water adds a different flavor to the meal. But while eating, it is useful to be careful so that this delicious but warm drinking water does not burn the tongue and palate.


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