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The ball in the USA at the target of 100 billion dollars

The US closely watching Turkey protests shaking the business world. The two countries have the goal of increasing the $ 20 billion trade to $ 100 billion. Protests and coronavirus epidemic have no negative effects on trade yet. If the tensions with China emphasized that creating opportunities for Turkey.


The turmoil environment created by the increasing protests in the US has started to disturb the Turkish business world. Turkey, among other countries that have significant trade relations with the US. The business volume between the two countries has reached $ 20.7 billion recently. In the first quarter of 2020, exports to the USA increased by 10.7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, while imports increased by 43.5 percent.

Ugur Terzioglu, President of the American Turkish Business Development Council, said that it is aimed to increase the business volume between the two countries from 20 billion dollars to 100 billion dollars.

Trade should increase

Terzioğlu noted that due to the protests, exports and imports between the two countries will not be affected much, but Turkish brands that have stores in districted states may be affected.

Terzioğlu stated that Turkish companies have serious exports to the country in textile, machinery, automotive, civil aviation, construction materials, white goods, furniture and jewelery and these sectors are promising.

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), according to data on the pandemic period in March and April with Turkey’s total trade was US $ 1.5 billion. In the same period of last year, this figure was $ 1.6 billion. Pandemic did not affect the trade between the two countries very much.


Limak Investment President Ebru Ozdemir, Turkey and the new cooperation will be developed between the US, noted that stronger trade and investment with the opportunities that will arise in the area.

Ozdemir, “In the process of Turkey’s outbreak could become a global manufacturing center in many areas, we have often heard. Geographical location, with industrial capability and quality workforce Turkey has the opportunity to be a valuable alternative for American companies experiencing difficulties in the supply chain. In this respect, Turkey is likely to come forward, “he said.


Osman Okyay, Head of Kale Group Technical Department, stated that he has intensive business relations with the USA in the field of defense and aviation, and said:

“Aircraft production became one of the most affected sectors in the epidemic. We have not seen any impact of internal confusion in this sense, but the production level of the sector is already low. Indeed, Turkey – US foreign trade has been a slight slowdown in the second quarter with a positive trend in the first quarter of pandemic watching.

However, in this period, we should quickly solve our problems and highlight opportunities for our common interests. Because of the epidemic, the sympathy created by the medical supplies we provide to this country is very valuable. China’s response to the US energy supply network due to perform in the flesh takes on behalf of the opportunities posed to Turkey that it wishes We must make the changes. There is a high level of willpower to increase foreign trade between the two countries to 100 billion dollars. As a country, we should concentrate on filling this goal in this period. ”


– US – $ 20.7 billion trade volume between Turkey business.

– March – April trade was $ 1.5 billion. This was $ 1.6 billion in the same period last year.

– We sell textiles, machinery and accessories, automotive and parts, civil aviation, building materials, white goods, furniture and jewelry to the USA.

– We import aircraft, iron and steel, mineral fuels and oils, boilers, machinery and mechanical devices, and optical, medical and surgical devices from the USA.


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