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The benefits of Madecassol cream! How is Madecassol cream used? The price of Madecassol cream

Madecassol is among the creams that are only sold in pharmacies and which we have heard of recently. We share with you the unknown about Madecassol cream that everyone is curious about. What is Madecassol cream used for? What is the price of Madecassol cream? Is Madecassol cream really good? What are the benefits of Madecassol to the skin? You should definitely check out our article to find out.

Madecassol is a medical cream with a raw material of the Centella asiatica plant that has an effect that repairs, renews and heals the skin. Madecassol cream, which is used especially in the treatment of wounds, burns, skin spots, acne scars, stretch marks, is a drug recommended for use by specialists as it does not have any side effects in pregnant women and nursing mothers. This cream, which we have heard frequently in recent days, is now a part of our skin care. In order to prevent unconscious use, in this article, we share our information about the use of Madecassol cream and what it does.

Thanks to its skin regeneration feature, Madecassol cream is a very successful product in the treatment of irritations after laser epilation and skin care, thanks to its acne scars, skin blemishes, and especially its effect on wounds and the skin’s irritating properties. You should never apply this cream on your open wounds. Otherwise, the wounds will be irrigated and cause inflammation.


Superficial 1st and 2nd degree burns,

– Local skin ulcers, decubitus ulcers,

– Radio-epidermitis treatment after radiotherapy,

– Accelerates the healing process of wounds and burns,

– Repairs irritated skin,

– Post waxing,

– It is a recommended cream to use for moisturizing dry skin.


If you want to apply Madecassol cream for skin blemishes, acne scars, dry skin structure, damaged skin,

1 teaspoon of Madecassol cream
1 teaspoon of Bepanten cream
1 Vitamin E Ampoule

Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl. Whenever preparing the mixture, prepare the same amount of Madecassol cream and bepanten cream. You can apply the mixture you prepared especially on the problem area and around your neck, except around the eyes and lips. After waiting for approximately 1 hour on your application face, wash with warm water. It is enough to apply once in 2 weeks.


– You can use this cream with a restorative effect in cases such as wounds and tears that occur after surgery.

– Madecassol cream can be used for nipple cracks after birth.

– Madecassol cream is effective in the treatment of acne in the treatment of acne that occurs during the transition to adolescence.

– If your skin structure is very dry, this cream is for you, and if the skin structure is sensitive and dry, madecassol cream moisturizes the skin to moisturize it. However, it is not recommended to use more than 1 or 2 times during the day.


It is very important to use this cream in a dose that has no side effects when used consciously and regularly. However, the most important point is that when it is applied to the open wound, blisters filled with water and skin irritation are observed, even if very little. It is necessary to avoid excessive use. If you see an unexpected side effect, you should definitely consult your doctor.


MADECASSOL 10 mg / 1 gr 40 gr pomade The price for the year 2020 is 29. 06 TL.


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