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The civil war in the USA is getting worse!

The civil war in the USA is getting worse! The demonstrators started killing the cops. The curfew started in many cities. The danger is growing …

US Activists kill the cops!

In the US-wide protests, a police officer was killed in an armed clash between protesters and police, while four police officers were injured.

Violence is increasing in protests that started after a black man was killed by the police and spread across the country. A police officer shot dead in the gunfight between police and activists in Las Vegas, while four police officers were injured.

Protests are being violated Protests against racism and police violence spread across the country in the US city of Minneapolis after black George George was strangled by a police officer. Protests in which buildings, including police stations were burned and looting started, turned into violent acts. While curfews were declared in many states, the National Guard was called in after police intervention was insufficient.

To control curfews, the police set up barricades in certain cities in many cities, and demonstrators and police were always confronted. An armed clash started between the police and activists in Las Vegas. While four police officers were injured in the clash, one police officer died.


George Floyd, 46, was imprisoned in Minneapolis on Monday for suspicion of fraud, and begged “I can’t breathe” for a long time because a police officer stepped on his neck with a knee. The footage he recorded was a big reaction on social media.

The images reignited the police violence against black people in the country and caused protests in many cities, especially in Minneapolis. National Guard was assigned to take control of the events while the state was declared an emergency.

There are many dead in clashes between the US Police and activists. The soldier began to intervene in the cities. In many regions, there are news that military operations are killing people in their homes. USA Now for chaos!


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