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The crack is growing: the Assad government seizes the property of Makluf, the richest person in Syria, who has been financing Damascus for 20 years

The government in Syria seized the country’s wealthiest person and “preventive” all the assets of Ramar Makluf, the first-degree cousin of President Bashar al-Assad.

According to the document Reuters saw, the assets of Makluf’s wife and children were also confiscated.

The document, signed by the Syrian Finance Minister, stated that the decision to seize is “to guarantee that Makluf pays its debts to the Syrian Telecom Supervisory Authority”.

Makluf has started posting videos that openly accused Syrian President Assad in recent weeks. The Syrian businessman finally said on Sunday that the authorities pressured him to quit Syriatel’s CEO. Makluf previously said, “They want me to get away from my companies and not to go beyond their orders. With my eyes blindfolded, I can’t respond,” and said, “They even started to press against the top executives of the companies.”

It is known that Syrian business man Makluf has financed a large part of the Syrian government and Damascus’s spending on civil war for the last 20 years. Makluf is believed to control 60 percent of the Syrian economy and have a fortune of $ 10 million. The USA and the EU had blacklisted Makluf in the past years.

During the civil war in Syria for years, such disagreements were almost never made public. The government preferred to solve such problems behind closed doors.


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