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The document that would put the Royal Family in trouble was leaked to the press. Lady diana

The document that would put the Royal Family in trouble was leaked to the press: Princess Diana was killed due to the “rape tape” she had. The big claim fell on social media. Anonymous hacker group took over!

Princess Diana Rape Tape "Killed After"

The famous hacker group Anonymous, who threatened US President Donald Trump after the death of George Floyd, said that he would publish special information about rape, claimed that the Royal Family had killed Lady Diana now.

Hacker group Anonymous has released documents about the cause of death of Lady Diana. The group claimed in his documents that Diana, who died on 31 August 1997 in a traffic accident, was killed by the British Royal Family because she had a lot of private information and that it was not an accident.

The hacker group knew that Lady Diana knew that Prince Phillip was doing human trafficking, the sexual abuse and rape of her brother-in-law Prince Andrew, and that a name close to her husband Prince Charles raped a royal worker to a tape, He suggested that he hid it in a safe in the palace.


According to these allegations, after Diana was killed, this tape passed to his butler Burrell. After listening to the tape with Diana’s sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, she hid it in another safe box again. Learning about the fact that there was a tape around, the Royal family asked Burrell about his place, and Burrell said that he did not know where the tape was, but where he was hiding. But Diana’s sister did not hide that there was information about the rape and human trafficking in the tapes.

In the 30-minute cassette that was found later, it was confirmed that a person close to Prince Charles raped those who worked in palaces both in Egypt and in England. Parliament member Norman Baker said that Prince Charles and others had to clarify this story after the tape appeared, but the statements were unsatisfactory.

"Accuses Her Husband" Before Princess Dies

In an interview with Lady Diana alive years ago, the Royal Family said that her husband had planned an accident to kill her, then denied all that was said.

Anonymous shared official documents regarding the case in which Trump and Epstein were tried for the abuse of a 13-year-old child. Anonymous published a kind of visit book called ‘little black book’, which allegedly belonged to Jeffrey Epstein, who was found to have suspected suicide in prison after being arrested for his pedophilia.

One of Epstein’s customers, who mediated the underage girls to be with famous names for money, was US President Donald Trump and he personally organized the murder, which was given the suicidal murder. However, there is no evidence in the content of the documents to support this.


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