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The famous TV presenter was subjected to violence by someone trying to rape her in front of her son

Anastasia Lugova suffered from violence

Anastasia Lugova, who traveled on the train with her 6-year-old son, said that a half naked foreign man came and tried to rape in front of his son and then he was subjected to violence. The server, which became unrecognizable after the violent incident, also shared the latest photos from its Instagram account.

A TV presenter living in Ukraine was attacked by a stranger while traveling on a train with his 6-year-old son. Anastasia Lugova, who tried to rape a half naked foreigner who attacked her while traveling with her son, hardly saved her life.

Violence against women is increasing day by day in the world. Many argue that these events must be completed by states. Although the USA is the largest country in the world economy, it is one of the countries where violence against women is most common. Violence against women should somehow be prevented by world governments.


Television presenter Anastasia Lugova, 28, was attacked by Vitaliy Rudzko, 45, during her train journey from Mariupol to the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Friday. When the woman and her 6-year-old son, Zakhar, were attacked by the pervert Rudzko, who only had underwear in the third, they were sleeping in their dedicated compartment. “When I woke up, she grabbed me by the neck, began to punch my face repeatedly,” Anastasia told the local press. used expressions.

“I started screaming and calling for help, but nobody came. Then she told me to be a good girl, or that everything would be worse,” said the server, who said she was screaming for help on the train but no one was helping her.

Caught by train officers in a short time, Rudzko was delivered to the police after the train arrived in Kiev. Police detained the assailant, and opened a rape and beaten investigation against the suspect.


According to Anastasia, the sudden noise in the train compartment woke her six-year-old little boy, and the boy was horrified by the landscape he saw. This time Rudzko headed towards him to blow the child in a fist, while mother Anastasia did her best to protect her child. The server, who was shocked by her life when she saw that she was heading towards her son, said, “I started begging the pervert bandit so as not to harm my son and I promised to do everything he wanted. I suggested going to another place to take him away from my son. He also agreed and ordered us to go to his own compartment. My son Zakhar I caught it and ran to the train conductor who hid us in his compartment. The perverted bandit continued to look for Lugova after he was covered with a sheet, “he said.


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