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Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo: Prakash Mathema / AFP / Getty


Chester, England

Photo: Molly Darlington / Reuters


Kabul, Afghanistan

Photograph: Rahmat Gül / AP


Barcelona, ​​Spain

Photo: Andreu Dalmau / EPA


Tiefenort, Germany

Photo: Jens Meyer / AP


Moscow, Russia

Photo: Maxim Shemetov / Reuters


Washington DC

Photo: Evan Vucci / AP



Photo: Rebecca Blackwell / AP


Ariha, Syria

Photo: Aaref Watad / AFP / Getty


El-Nayrab, Syria

Photo: Bakr Alkasem / AFP / Getty


Manaus, Brazil

Photo: Ricardo Oliveira / AFP / Getty


Nantes, France

Photo: L. Venance / AFP / Getty


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: Natacha Pisarenko / AP


Johannesburg, South Africa

Photo: Michele Spatari / AFP / Getty


Istanbul, Turkey

Bahar Polat and Abdülaziz Yükseli, a healthcare worker in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, are interfering with a corona virus patient in an ambulance.

Photo: Chris McGrath / Getty Images


Hanoi, Vietnam

Photo: Kham / Reuters


Mumbai, India

Photo: Rajanish Kakade / AP


Beijing, China

Photo: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images


Jakarta, Indonesia

Photo: Ed Wray / Getty Images


Lima, Peru

Photo: Ernesto Benavides / AFP / Getty


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