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The Joker Movie Has Come True! Us Actions Are Growing

Bring To The Mind Joker Movie In The U.S. The Joker came true in the movie script. Anti-racist action, in particular, has put President Donald Trump and his team in trouble.

The Joker Movie And Screenplay Realized

Many activists participated in protests with wildcard masks. It was specifically approved by the FBI that it was involved in different groups within these protests. It was claimed that institutions financing anti-racist actions would be deciphered.

The USA, which has been treating black citizens as a second class for years, has already returned to the fire. Many police stations and shops are on fire. Particularly, opportunistic groups are attacking as if they had caught the opportunity to grab free products.

The world witnessed that a story became a reality with the Joker movie. In addition to looting many places, the activists announced that they would kill the white enemies who were black enemies. Black citizens state that they only want equality.

Many conspiracy theorists have already said that there will be actions in some parts of the world with the Joker movie. Many people who put forward these theories turned out to be right again. So who knows we don’t know?

What Does Donald Trump Plan for Actions?

President Trump told citizens who are doing anti-racist actions to be quiet now, especially Donald Trump, who stated that these actions would harm them, said that they would speak more easily.

Especially in the USA, the nationalist arm chairman “Donald Trump” claims to have simulated dogs for all activists. Although Trump is of German origin, he knows that Americans are no longer the master of the world.

It was reported by the FBI that the demonstrators who care about the Joker movie would be damaged. Especially the US army started to come. Prevention of massacres in cities is expected.

The Similarity of the Shows with the Joker Movie?

Many anti-racist acts have the same blacks from the movie Joker. It was surprising that a criminal killer character was adopted by many activists. While the main purpose of these actions is being done for freedom, it is thought that a desire to be raised is born.


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