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The most trendy nail polish colors of the spring season 2020

Those who saw that the spring came with the trees blooming and being like a bride and the weather got warmer started to revive the sector with the fashion colors, trends and models of the season. Along with the revived season, if you want to learn the trend’s nail polish colors, you can definitely check out our news. The most trendy nail polish colors of the spring season are just jasmine. The comer!

Well-groomed, beautiful hands for women and its integral nail polish are among the most important makeup products. Women who adorn their nails with a selection of colors compatible with every outfit without getting cold every day are now wondering the colors of the spring season. Although there are millions of nail polish colors, we have listed the nail polish colors of the season for women, which attract attention even with the difference in tone. You can easily reach the favorite colors of pastels, flowers and nature tones of the new era from today’s article. The trees bloom in spring, which show their effect in March and June, and the air temperature begins to increase. The arrival of spring began to warm people inside. If you want to show that you follow the spring season closely, you can change the colors of your nail polishes. You can see the most trendy nail polish colors of the season in the details of our news.


Spring means that warm and slightly blowing winds meet colors after a cold winter. ‘Live Coral’, announced as the color of 2019 in mild spring, will be one of your favorites. If you like to use different shades, you can complement live coral nail polish with a dark blue suit in your office combinations. You can buy the Crosta Meteor of Christian Louboutin Nail Polish brand, which closely follows the fashion and even determines the fashion colors of the year.

Price: 152.00 TL


If you are wearing your tracksuits on the weekend and planning a delicious breakfast after the morning walk, the lilac color will suit you well. The lilac, which is the cool color of spring flowers, will make your hands look elegant and stylish with its metallic shine. If you want to make the ice lilac more lively, you can apply a single nail polish with the same tone, classic formula under your metallic nail polish. You can buy the 75-color lilac shade of Golden Rose, which determines the color of the season’s nail polish.

Price: 9.90 TL


If you are using your nail polish colors with a simple, elegant and stylish preference, we have a great suggestion that is the fashion of the season. Nude toned nail polish that will be timeless and suitable for all hours of the day will be indispensable for this spring. You will not want to remove the Nude nail polish of the world famous Tom Ford brand from your nails this spring.

Price: 195.00 TL


Those who love both stylish and sports style often attract attention by choosing darker nail polishes or makeup shades. This season, instead of dark blue, which replaces black in winter, our favorite in the spring is noble, stylish and bold denim blue. You should definitely try denim blue, which will be an ideal choice for those who do not give up dark nails.

Price: 115.00 TL


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