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The Simpsons’ George Floyd Prophecy Lies

The fact that The Simpsons claimed that George Floyd knew about the murder beforehand. Many prophecies of famous series have already taken place. However, current prophecies are unreal.

The Simpsons justice for george

According to a claim on social media and some news sites, the cartoon series The Simpsons previously knew in the US that George Floyd was killed by a state police. In the image allegedly from a episode of The Simpsons, published in the 1990s, one of the characters of the series, Chef Clancy Wiggum, printed a knee-printed banner on the neck of an individual representing George Floyd, and Lisa Simpson holding a banner of “justice for George”. It is seen. The image was shared by many users, believing Simpsons predicted the Floyd incident. In addition, the burning image of a police center was shared and it was suggested that the series predicted the events.

However, the claim is not true. The image, which represents the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, was drawn not from an episode published in The Simpsons, but recently by a cartoonist in memory of George Floyd. Burning outpost image was taken from an episode of The Simpsons published in 1999. However, there is no reference to a protest in the department.

The Simpsons of a visual cartoonist on the right

The image, allegedly featured in an episode of The Simpsons, belongs to a cartoonist named Yuri Pomo. Yuri Pomo name can be seen by looking carefully at the bottom right corner of the drawing. Cartoonist Yuri Pomo emphasized that he drew in memory of George Floyd, because he wanted to send a message via the Simpsons, in his statement he shared on his drawing on May 30, 2020 from his Instagram account. In addition, the poster that says “Justice for George” by Lisa Simpson is a representation of the poster carried by the protesters at the demonstrations organized on Floyd’s death.

Pomo shared other drawings about George Floyd from his Instagram account (@yuripomo). There are also different drawings on the Instagram account that include the characters of Simpson and other cartoon series. On the other hand, Yuri Pomo, in response to her comments, stated that despite her repetition, she believes that people believe the drawing belongs to The Simpsons series.

The Simpsons Burning police station

It was suggested that the cartoon series predicted what happened in the USA by using the burning police station visual. Burning police station image belongs to the sixth episode of Season 11, “Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder”, published in 1999. The subject of the episode is the short fame and awareness of Homer Simpsons. The scene where the police station burned is shown for humor upon the stop of the police while Homer is late for work and tries to catch up. There is no reference to any social event or rebellion.

On the other hand, it is true that a police station building was set on fire in Minneapolis, where the events started, but the image of the burning building in the claim does not belong to a police station. The image depicts the fire that broke out during protests in a residence in Minnesota on May 27.

George Floyd’s The Simpsons series

The verification platform Snopes also falsified claims that The Simpsons series previously knew the killing of George Floyd.

Published since 1989, The Simpsons has been on the agenda many times with the claim that it knows future events in advance. The American-made cartoon series is about the interesting events that happen to a family. Since he includes the events on the agenda in his episodes, his claims are often made as he predicted the events. As before, The Simpsons had previously known the coronavirus outbreak, and allegations were made. Confirmation also revealed that the allegations about The Simpsons series and prophecies were not correct with the analyzes it handled.

What happened to the USA?

A police officer named Derek Micheal Chauvin in Minneapolis, USA, caused his death by pressing the knee around his neck while detaining black American George Floyd. In the published images, it was seen that when police officer Chauvin stepped into Floyd’s throat with the knee, Floyd said “I can’t breathe”. These images caused an outrage in the USA, and with the death of Floyd, protests against racism started in the USA. During the protests, a large number of conflicts broke out between police and demonstrators in some cities. Police intervened protesters in protests where vehicles and buildings were swaddled. Curfews were imposed in many cities in the USA upon the events; however, protests continue despite the ban. In the actions organized in response to Floyd’s death, protesters also sent messages with written banners such as ‘justice for George’ (black lives matter).

As a result, it is not true that the cartoon series The Simpsons previously knew the death of George Floyd by a police in the USA. The drawing, in which the moment of death of George Floyd is represented, belongs to a cartoonist. The claim is an example of misrelation of the seven most common types of misinformation.


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