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The Simpsons is on the agenda again! The death of George Floyd.

The American television series The Simpsons, the first episode of which was broadcast on December 17, 1989, is still on the agenda. A new addition has been added to the Simpsons prediction of some real events, called cartoons that know the future. The last bomb of the Simpsons, who also knew about the coronavirus epidemic and then appeared in America, called “Vespa mandarinia”, was claimed to be George Floyd, who was killed by the police in the USA and caused incidents.

The Simpsons US Civil War Post

In the animated series The Simpsons, which came to the fore with claims that he predicted the future events, the photo about the murder of George Floyd, which mixed the USA, shook the social media.

In a Simpsons episode, which is allegedly published in the 90s, there is a visual about the death of George Floyd, who died of the intervention of the state police and ignited social events in the United States.


In the photo, we see that Chef Wiggum, one of the characters of the series, presses the knee on the neck of a black person, while the little girl of the house, Lisa, carries a banner saying “Justice for George”. So is this scene real? Or is it just a coincidence?


It is claimed that there is a section showing the giant hornets of Asian origin called “Vespa mandarinia” that appeared in America.

In this section, bees 3 centimeters in size and 5 centimeters in size cause panic after arriving in the USA. In a part of the series, the townspeople gathered and the character of the series is Dr. It seems that he asked Hibbert to ‘find a cure for a disease’ and the doctor says the only remedy is bed rest. Thereupon, the people panicly accidentally release the dangerous killer bees in the safe inside a truck.


The series writer Bill Oakley replied to the statement “Exactly,” as a Simpson fan’s social media account, published in 1993, just as we continued when this episode ended, the series writer Bill Oakley said.

Washington State University (WSU) researchers stated that this species, which is seen in the USA recently and known as the world’s largest bee with its height reaching 5 centimeters, can cause death if it stings a person several times.

While the coronavirus that emerges in Wuhan, China and spreads all over the world continues to die, the images that emerge surprise everyone. The Simpson, created by Matt Groening, is one of the longest running TV series in world television history. Since it was released in 1989, it changed the course of television animations and inspired many productions.


American actor Tom Hanks made headlines around the world yesterday with a statement from his official twitter account. Tom Hanks shared that he and his wife Rita Wilson had a corona virus test in Austria and that the test results were positive. Hanks and his wife were quarantined.


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