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The Simpsons Knows Its Actions in the USA

We all know that The Simpsons has many future predictions. Let’s take a look at what was realized by the Simpsons, who allegedly knew many things from the coronavirus outbreak to Trump’s presidency.

They know the protests inside the USA

Many prophecies of the famous TV series The Simpsons took place. This time, they predicted that many places in the USA would be in chaos. The Simpsons, which was the subject that Donald Trump was going to die in some way, were right again.

In 2000, we see one of Simpsons’ greatest prophecies. Lisa, who is the President of the United States, says they took over the wreckage from President Trump during a speech.

The Simpsons knew that the place known as the House of the House in the US, known as the White House, would be occupied. There are many electricity cuts on the EI side in the USA and the news that there is no electricity on the white house side has dropped the agenda.

Despite Homer’s choice of Barack Obama in Season 4 episode 20 of 2008, the game went to John McCain in 2012 in Pennsylvania. A machine located here had Mitt Romney vote if Obama was elected.

George Floyd protests: Demonstrators seized a police station in Minneapolis

The protests, which started with the killing of an unarmed black man while in police custody in Minneapolis, USA, continue on the third day with all violence.

George Floyd, 46, died on Monday after being thrown into the throat for minutes by the police. Video recordings, which showed that a white police officer who laid down on the floor pressed the knee to his neck, could not breathe, caused a great outrage.

The violent protests that began after Floyd’s death entered his third day yesterday, and many buildings were set on fire. Demonstrators seized a police station in the district known as the third district in the city.

The National Guard troops in the state were sent to Minneapolis to control the events.

US President Donald Trump said that the protesters he described as “Bandits” disrespect Floyd’s memory.

The Simpsons Showed Mass Action.

Many anti-racist actions are under way in the USA. In particular, the famous TV series The Simpsons featured the same actions in an episode they previously aired. It is surprising that such a coincidence will come after 2020. Previously famous basketball player “How Kobe Bryant will die!”


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