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The Simpsons Prophecy Made More Real

The Famous American TV Series The Simpsons is Known for Their Submissions and Prophecies. The series comes to the fore with point-shot predictions in many political events around the world. Especially the interest in Asian bees (killer bees) after coronavirus in the last America has made another prophecy.

The Simpsons Asia Bees Prophecy

In one episode of the famous TV series Simpsons, they processed the bee shock within the United States. However, this scenario is experienced in a very different way on this day. Especially the attacking bees (killer bees) in the series are called. The most dangerous killer bees in the world are known as Asian bees.

They say that the series has many different foreground views and they only guessed. However, they showed in their series that they knew that US President Donald Trump would be. They had also committed the 11 September attacks before. Finally, they knew how the famous basketball player would die.

They have to be a “Nostradamus” to predict such an important event. However, the fox company is very influential in the United States, like many known Jewish lobbies in the world. Especially their support for the Democrat wing side is well known. In a section that they did years ago with the Coronavirus outbreak, they covered the spread of a Chinese virus to the world and what would happen.

How True The Simpsons Prophecies

There are times when the famous United States TV Series “The Simpsons” was the target of many different criticisms. Especially in a few episodes, they saw a lot of reaction after their publications humiliated Black citizens. It is a shame that many of the producers of the Simpsons series are of Jewish origin and do not draw attention to such racist movements themselves.

US President Donald Trump made an important statement. Especially for Coronavirus, which is the world’s problem, it insists on Chinese virus. So, what is the reaction after Asian bees?

President Trump again began to blame the Chinese government for killer bees, another name for Asian bees. In particular, it was claimed that these bees were deliberately placed on the cargoes coming from China and would cause a conflict in the USA.

Many famous conspiracy theorists in the USA have warned the public for years about the simpsons series. It has been said that the people of the USA should be conscious and that they should pay attention to these institutions for about 20 years.


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