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The Simpsons Tom Hanks Prophecy Realized

The Simpsons guessed this too! The Simpsons are also claimed to prophesy about the capture of the famous actor Tom Hanks with coronavirus. The Famous American TV Series Simpsons Prophecies Do Not Slow Down. This was the 3 great prophecies they knew in 2020.

Tom Hanks Prophecy Realized

In an episode of the animated series The Simpsons in 2007, it is claimed that he made a prophecy about Tom Hanks, who explained that he was catching coronavirus. It is known that The Simpsons has also made prophecies in the past regarding the election of Trump as president and crypto money. “We thank the hospital staff who took good care of us,” said Tom Hanks on Twitter yesterday.

As the Grand Canyon is boring in the ad, the new Grand Canyon is introduced. “The US government has lost its credibility, so borrow mine”, says Hanks in the ad.

“I’m Tom Hanks, if you see me personally, please leave me,” says the actor. Although the theory remains a bit far from real life, according to other prophecies, the series’ tight fans add the episode of Tom Hanks to the Simpsons list of predictions.

The Famous Series of the United States “The Simpsons” comes up with many prophecies. Especially after the prophecy they knew with Corona Virus, many conspiracy theories started to come. The TV series, which has many viewers in the world, is often mentioned by its prophecies.

The Simpsons CoronaVirus

While the juice workers in Japan are packing, one of the workers says, “Please don’t tell the manager I have the flu,” and then coughs inside the box. Thus, the virus is transported to the USA with the box. Many people in the country get sick.

There are a few confusions and controlled things about The Simpsons scenes working out, however numerous years back Trump’s administration is referenced in a scene of Simpsons years prior.

“As you most likely are aware, President Trump has acquired us a profoundly stacked spending break,” says new president Lisa Simpson, and says Trump is president before him. This scene is from Bart to Future, distributed in 2000. (Bart’s arrival to what’s to come)

Tom Hanks, CoronaVirus Infected

Acclaimed Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks CoronaVirus Diagnosed. It was found out that the well known famous actor got a similar ailment with his significant other. Beforehand, “Inferno” has gotten incredible recognition with the creation that tells about the battle against an infection, and this film has called a paranoid fear.

CoronaVirus Spreads Around The World


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