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The Simpsons TV Series Tom Hanks Knows CoronaVirus Outbreak

Knowing the September 11 attacks and the coronavirus, The Simpsons also knew the outbreak actor Tom Hanks!

One of the areas where the Simpsons series is most famous is its prediction of the future. The Simpsons, who knew the coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China and threatened the life of the world, allegedly knew Tom Hanks.

The world’s most famous animated TV series The Simpsons is on the agenda with a prophecy. Fans believe the series predicted that Tom Hanks would catch coronavirus. In the 2007 TV version of the series, Tom Hanks appears on a commercial scene.

As the Grand Canyon is boring in the ad, the new Grand Canyon is introduced. “The US government has lost its credibility, so borrow mine”, says Hanks in the ad.

“I’m Tom Hanks, if you see me personally, please leave me,” says the actor. Although the theory remains a bit far from real life, according to other prophecies, the series’ tight fans add the episode of Tom Hanks to the Simpsons list of predictions.

Simpsons fans state that Tom Hanks' statements in the social media posts section published in 2007 coincided with yesterday's quarantine statement.

Loyal audiences of the Simpsons series think that the animated comedy featured the corona virus years ago. In an episode of the series published in 1993, the virus called Osaka Flu from Japan is mentioned.

While the juice workers in Japan are packing, one of the workers says, “Please don’t tell the manager I have the flu,” and then coughs inside the box. Thus, the virus is transported to the USA with the box. Many people in the country get sick.

There are some misconceptions and manipulated things about The Simpsons episodes coming true, but it is a fact that many years ago Trump’s presidency is mentioned in an episode of Simpsons years ago.

“As you know, President Trump has inherited us a highly loaded budget crack,” says new president Lisa Simpson, and says Trump is president before him. This episode is from Bart to Future, published in 2000. (Bart’s return to the future)

Tom Hanks Announces Having CoronaVirus Disease

Famous Hollywood Actor Tom Hanks CoronaVirus Diagnosed. It was learned that the famous movie star caught the same disease with his wife. Previously, “Inferno” has received great acclaim with the production that tells about the fight against a virus, and this film has called a conspiracy theory.

How Do The Simpsons Make These Prophecies?

The TV Series Simpsons, which are very popular in the United States, came up with many prophecies. Knowing the Accident of the Famous Basketball Player was Enough to Attract Doubts. For the TV Series, which has been broadcasting for years, it is claimed that these works are based on more precise results than being prophecy.


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