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The Tragic Life Story of Robert Downey Jr

Perhaps the main role of Iron Man, the first movie of the universe that allowed many people to recognize the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was Robert Downey Jr., who was more than Tony Stark than Tony Stark. But the life story never happened as it seems from the outside.

Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man Enters Our Hearts

Robert Downey Jr. is a player who has thrown in the hearts of many people with his acting and personality. The first place that we know exactly is the 2008 movie Iron Man, the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film made him popular, but his first major film teaching acting was Chaplin. In this 1992 film, he gave life to the unforgettable actor Charlie Chaplin and was nominated for an Oscar. Marvel adventure took place exactly 16 years after this upload.

Robert Downey Jr. On April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York. So he is now 54 years old. He has been married to his wife Susan Downey since 2005 and they have two children, Exton Elias Downey and Indio Falconer Downey. Of course, these little details are the current state of his life, and his past is quite complex and tragic.

Robert Downey Jr., his father (Robert Downey Sr.), director and actor. When he was 5 years old, he started to face the camera. She was taking small roles and warming up the screens. Of course, he was unaware that these experiences would change his life. In the coming years, the cameras would be at the most important focus of his life.

Robert Downey Jr. has had a turbulent life since his birth for many reasons, especially his family. His father was a drug addict, so he met the drug when he was just 6, and at the age of 8, Robert himself became an addict.

Youth years have passed with this addiction. In 1984, he met a girl named Sarah Jessica. Their relationship lasted 7 years until it ended due to Downey’s addiction. He was acting in small TV series at that time, but he was not very famous. In 1991, Jessica and Downey ended their relationship, which dragged Downey down a completely slope.

Robert Downey Jr. Youth Years

Youth years have passed with this addiction. In 1984, he met a girl named Sarah Jessica. The heaps accumulated in his life that started with the end of his relationship became an avalanche. Increasingly, his crimes, his addiction … His future did not seem bright at all. This journey led him to prison. He was convicted of many crimes in 1997. He was so badly beaten while in prison that he woke up twice in his own pool of blood. Downey would express this as “I can never tell you the worst things I’ve ever had behind bars.”

Until 2001, he was repeatedly found in prisons for drug crimes.

He left the prison in 2001, but things were not going well at that time, and his wife, Deborah Falconer, had also left him. He had neither five cents in his pocket nor a family to support him. Meanwhile, Charlie Chaplin was the only Oscar-nominated player to come to life on a white screen. However, the bride seems that the life of this man has not been well since childhood. He spent his days trying to make money by rubbing pizza pans.

Downey Jr.’s fight against drugs continues, decreases but does not end until 2003. Susan Levin, whom she met in 2003, gives her a definitive ultimatum and says she can marry if she leaves the drug completely.

Jr. In an interview he gave in 2013, he said that he had a normal life with yoga, meditation and therapies in a program covering 12 steps in those years and he marries Levin in 2005!

She shares in every conversation that she changed her life for her sweetest wife Susan Downey, always pushed for the best and labored.

But in 2003 everything changed for Downey, she met a strong woman and fell in love with her. Downey eventually offered to marry this woman named Susan, and Susan said to her, “If you don’t give up drugs, I will never marry you.” Downey, on top of that, escaped the drug swamp in a period of 2 years.

In 2005, Susan and Robert entered the world house, the rest were historically imprinted. Robert Downey returned to the cinema after this marriage and perhaps became one of the most recognizable faces of modern times. Wherever there was a clever man role, he stuck on it. The characters of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes made him among the unforgettable.

Jr. had only three weeks to prepare for the role. He was working day and night on the scenes. In this process, he explains the support of his wife Susan with these words: We were working dialogues together, as if I had a co-star in front of me. ”

The sequel to Iron Man, whose first movie was highly appreciated, also came. Jr. it was now recognized by the whole world. He managed to become one of the unforgettable names of the Marvel world.

The life of Robert Downey in a nutshell

In summary, the story of Downey, born in a swamp, teaches us to never lose hope no matter how hard life is. The famous actor, who had difficulties throughout his life, says that he never gave up on people who love him with his words. Robert Downey Jr expresses that he remembers his ups and downs throughout his life and will never forget what he did.


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