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The US will commemorate the 19th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks in the shadow of Covid-19

The USA will commemorate the 19th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks with Covid19 Measures

The USA will commemorate the 19th anniversary of September 11, the largest terrorist attack in its history, in the shadow of the global epidemic new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), which left a deeper trace than these attacks and created economic destruction.

It has been 19 years since the 9/11 attacks that changed the course of the world, prepared the ground for the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, affected lifestyle from travel to culture, and increased racism and Islamophobia.

Despite the past 19 years, the US fight against terrorism, which cost hundreds of thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, is not over.

The USA will commemorate September 11, which has been recorded as the biggest disaster in its history, in the shadow of the Kovid-19 epidemic, which is said to be “ much worse ” than September 11, by many people, especially US President Donald Trump, this year.

The Kovid-19 outbreak left behind the terrorist attacks on September 11, in which approximately 3 thousand people died in the USA, and caused more than 190 thousand deaths in the country.

The outbreak was described by Trump as a “much worse attack” than “Pearl Harbor” and “September 11”.

Many people who experienced September 11 also commented that the coronavirus left a much worse mark than terrorist attacks and created greater economic destruction.

While eyes are turned to the “ new enemy ” China, which Trump blames for the epidemic, the wreckage left behind in Afghanistan and Iraq, which the USA occupied under the name of fighting terrorism, democracy and freedom, has grown day by day and continues to grow. does.

As the Middle East drifted into more instability, turmoil and sectarian wars, hundreds of thousands of civilians died and new terrorist organizations such as Daesh emerged.

According to the “Cost of the War” report published in the USA, more than 37 million people have been displaced in the USA’s war on terrorism after the September 11 attacks.

While the Taliban gained more power in 19 years in Afghanistan, Trump, who frequently stated that the occupation was a big mistake and promised to bring American soldiers in Afghanistan back to their homes, started the peace process with the Taliban after his administration’s negotiations lasting for nearly two years.

The Trump administration, which wants to withdraw American troops in Syria and Iraq, has recently announced that it will reduce the number of troops in Iraq from 5 thousand 200 to 3 thousand this month.

USA What happened on September 11, 2001?

  • New York, the heart of the American financial system, awoke to the terror attacks on the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11th.
  • The hijacked passenger plane of American Airlines, which took off from Newark, Boston and Washington and headed to San Francisco and Los Angeles, was hijacked to Los Angeles at 08:46 local time.
  • While the north tower was burning in flames, another hijacked plane belonging to United Airlines hit the south tower in a live broadcast exactly 17 minutes after the first attack.
  • The twin towers collapsed in minutes before the eyes of millions after the attacks both the US and the world watched live, and Manhattan Island was covered in dust clouds.
  • Another plane hijacked after the attacks on the Twin Towers crashed into the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) building.

The last aircraft hijacked was shot down by F-16s in Pennsylvania countryside.

A total of 2,977 people died in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, except for 19 attackers who hijacked the planes as a result of the September 11 attacks.

Osama Bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The September 11 attacks changed the world order

The first response of the USA to the September 11 attacks was to enter Afghanistan.

US President George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, after the Taliban refused the extradition of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, overthrowing the Taliban regime, and Hamid Karzai, who was closer to the West, took power in the country. .

It is stated that the country has recently become a safe place for DAESH militants after the operations launched by the USA to prevent Afghanistan from becoming the “base” of terrorists.

Since the beginning of the occupation, more than 50,000 civilians and around 2,400 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan.

Although the war mission of US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan officially ended with a ceremony held in Kabul on December 28, 2014, the US still maintains its military presence in the country for “fighting terrorism” and “rebuilding the country”.

On the other hand, Trump, who wants to withdraw American troops in Afghanistan, currently wants to reduce the number of 8 thousand 600 troops to 4 thousand 500 before the presidential elections.

Within the scope of the peace talks with the Taliban, the USA and its allies are expected to withdraw its troops from the country within 14 months if the Taliban comply with the agreement.

The invasion of Iraq in the USA

After the invasion of Afghanistan, the Bush administration invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, under the name of “preventive war” on the grounds that there were chemical weapons in Iraq, without a United Nations Security Council decision and overthrew Saddam Hussein and executed him. did.

Following the US invasion of Iraq, sectarian wars caused hundreds of thousands of lives in the country.

While the occupation administration restructured the country, deep differences of opinion between the Kurdish groups in the north and the central government increased ethnic tension.

In 2005, the Kurds in the country were given a form of government under the name of “Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government”.

Iraq has become one of the countries with the most complex problems in the Middle East after the American occupation.

The operation, which was promised to bring “stability and democracy” to Iraq, was called the “Liberation of Iraq Operation”, but hundreds of thousands of civilians lost their lives as a result of military interventions.

The invasion of Iraq, which cost billions of dollars, also paved the way for the emergence of the terrorist organization DAESH.

With the birth of DAESH, the Iraqi people were also subjected to war crimes such as genocide.

New world order in the USA

The “new world order” that started after the September 11 terrorist attacks brought along new security strategies in the fight against terrorism.

With the attacks, the perception of national security has changed not only in the USA but in all countries. States began to devote more money to national security.

Now, not only conventional or chemical weapons, but any suspicious vehicle, person or package began to be perceived as a terrorist threat.

More security measures were taken in public areas, especially in airports, thus a new security concept and sector emerged.

Islamophobia and September 11

The September 11 attacks caused a great increase in hate crimes against Muslims in the West, especially in the USA, and a deepening of Islamophobia, and the concepts of “Islamist terror” and “radical Islam” began to be used frequently in the media.

Research has revealed that the media covered more terrorist attacks involving Muslims than attacks by members of other religions or groups.

The Bush administration has been the target of frequent criticism both in the United States and other countries for its pro-war policy in the Middle East in general. The Bush administration, which received the support of many countries while invading Afghanistan, could not find the same support when entering Iraq.

Barack Obama, who came to the US presidency after Bush, took an “anti-war” attitude and withdrew some of the American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq during his presidency.

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was captured and killed during the first term of Obama’s presidency.

Trump came to the fore with his criticisms that the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was a mistake, billions of dollars were spent on wars in the Middle East and that he wanted to withdraw American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Trump, with his racist and anti-Muslim attitude, brought a travel ban to the citizens of Muslim countries in the first days of his presidency.

The family's excluded child changed world history

Osama Bin Laden, who declared jihad alone against the USA, was the child of one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden was excluded from the family because of his mother’s Syrian descent. The 10-year cat-and-mouse game of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, who changed the definition of “terror” and the course of history after the September 11 attacks, ended. “The most wanted man in the world”, although considered a hero in some parts of the Islamic world, was the first name that came to mind for millions of people when “terror” was mentioned. Bin Laden, who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people within the framework of the Wahhabi Islamic view, was born as one of the heirs of a wealthy family in Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden was born in 1957 as the seventeenth of 52 children of Mohammed Bin Laden, who migrated from Yemen to Jeddah and founded a multi-billion dollar construction empire. The fact that Bin Laden’s mother is Syrian has led to the exclusion of mother and son in the family.


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