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Thermal camera period at entrance to museums and ruins

Museums and ruins affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism were closed until May 18 due to the risk posed by the epidemic spread worldwide.

The date when museums and archaeological sites will open their doors to visitors has not yet been clarified, but preparations for the opening date in these venues have also accelerated in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health following the normalization process in combating the epidemic.


Factors such as museums and ruins affiliated to the Ministry and visitor potential, physical status, social distance, routes of entry and exit, average time to be spent by the visitors at the museum and ruins, and the collection type of the museum. “Visitor management plan” is prepared.

Museum and archaeological personnel are trained on the effects of the epidemic, their reflection on social relations, measures and processes that can be implemented in public areas. When the museum and ruins are opened, the staff will perform their duties in accordance with the social distance rule, using personal protective equipment and hygiene materials.

Hand disinfectants, hygiene mats, mask and gloves waste boxes were placed at the entrances for visitors who are supposed to use a mask when visiting museums and ruins.

Thermal cameras that measure the body temperature in order to identify the person infected with the virus also took its place at the entrances of museums and ruins.

Thanks to the thermal camera, the body temperatures of those who want to visit historical places will be checked. Thermometers can also be used for this purpose during entries.

Necessary measures were taken for the contactless entry of visitors to museums and ruins. Special attention was paid to the cleanliness of all areas, especially the sections where visitors were most contacted.

Warning and information boards for epidemics and hygiene practices prepared by the Ministry of Health started to be placed in museums and ruins.

Within the scope of social distance standards, the markings for the potential concentration areas of the visitors and the sections deemed necessary were made meticulously.

Risky areas were identified in each museum and ruins. In order to prevent the gathering of visitors in possible narrow and congested areas, restrictions may be made on access to some places.

Within the scope of the procedure to be applied in case of emergency, sitting groups such as seats, chairs and benches in the rest areas of the museum and ruins were rearranged by taking into account the social distance.


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