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They raised their salary so that they would not go to Fenerbahçe!


In the meantime, the yellow navy blue people who are given to the league due to the corona virus (coronavirus) pandemic, are working hard to find the coach of the next season.

There is only one plan in the strategy of Fenerbahçe management. To announce the championship at the end of the 2020-21 season.

The last 6 seasons, without a cup, Fenerbahçe will go to a new elective congress at the end of the 2020-21 season and the current president Ali Koç wants to go to this congress with his hand.

Yellow dark blue have determined many names for the coach seat vacated after Ersun Yanal. The most serious of these were Nenad Bjelica and Erol Bulut. . .

It was also claimed that Fenerbahçe had made an offer to experienced technical man Manuel Pellegrini.

Finally, Fenerbahce’s agenda was Rui Vitoria. . . It was stated that the Fenerbahçe administration, who spent a lot of work for Rui Vitoria, whose contract with Al Nasr will expire in June, reached a principle agreement with the experienced technician.

After these developments, it was stated that the Al Nasr administration was preparing to make a huge offer in order not to lose Vitoria.

So3ody. com, the following statements were made on the subject: “Fenerbahce became the club sitting at the table to start the new season and sign an official contract with one of the names Razvan Lucescu and Rui Vitoria, who marked the last 2 seasons.”

“Istanbul club started negotiations with Al Hilal coach Razvan Lucescu. However, Romanian coach rejected this offer in a short time. Despite the attractive financial offer of the Turkish club, Razvan closed the door to Fenerbahçe.”

“After Lucescu, Fenerbahce turned the needle to Portuguese coach Rui Vitoria. A Saudi journalist said in a statement about the issue that the yellow navy blue team made a preliminary agreement with Rui Vitoria for the next season.”

Giant attack from Al Nasr

“Al Nasr management is aware of Fenerbahçe’s desire to transfer Vitoria. However, the Portuguese coach will not leave his club for 3 reasons; the first of these reasons is the great victories in the Saudi League and the Saudi Super Cup. The management, who thinks that it provides psychological superiority, will not give up his teacher. “

Fans admire him

“The second reason is the love and respect of the Al Nasr administration and its supporters for the world-renowned technical director.”

Vitoria’s case is filling up

“The third and final reason is that the Al Nasr club will make a huge bid for his coach. The management will offer an annual salary of 6 to 6.5 million euros per person, including the Rui Vitoria.”

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