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TikTok did not block the complained pedophile account

Pedophilia concern in TikTok - TikTok did not block the reported pedophile account

Security measures for TikTok’s age restriction were insufficient

The reliability of TikTok against online abuse was tested in the Panorama program of the BBC, which prepares research and interviews on current issues.

TikTok disables the ability to send and receive direct messages on the profiles of those under the age of 16 for security reasons.

The program says “Is TikTok safe?” A 23-year-old graduate of journalism, who produces TikTok content for internet search companies, created a 16-year-old girl profile on the platform.

But later in the biography of the profile, the user introduced himself as 14 years old.

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The user shared his videos, where he danced to popular songs every day, by uploading them to his profile with the hashtags #schoollife (school life) and #schooluniform (school uniform).

After a while, older men liked the profile and started to write messages on the private channel.

One of those who liked the profile sent messages early in the morning asking the user “whether he would like to see his penis”, explaining the characteristics of his genitals.

When the user asked the person who sent the message about his age, the man said he was 34 years old.

Then, when the user stated that he was 14 years old, the person who sent the message replied, “Sorry, you’re underage.”

Despite the complaint, no action was taken

All correspondence was reported to TikTok after the man continued to like the videos the user shared, even though he knew he was underage.

However, three days after the incident, the application did not intervene and the man’s profile remained active. He told Tiktok that although the membership requirement is 13 years and above, children aged 11 and 12 also use this application.


Lawyer Çalık evaluated the impact of Tiktok, a social media application owned by Chinese companies, on children. Calik said TikTok application that has a close subscribed 1.5 billion, “There is a social media users is 55 million percent in Turkey. The 55 million social media users have TikTok a touchdown number over 23 million in the. That download one of these 2 people “The point that should be pointed out, rather than the problems of storing users’ data, is that this application revives pedophilia socially.”


Stating that with the Tiktok application, the data of those who use the application in the center in China are stored, “It is said that this stored information is taken and used seriously by the Chinese government. In the lawsuit filed against Tiktok, there is no denial regarding this yet.

It was said that the Chinese government directly provided this information. There is such a claim. In Tiktok, we looked at first, the locations of users can be shared with the center every 30 seconds and this is stored. Your IP information is shared. Apart from that, entering and viewing your gallery without your permission can be viewed on another computer. Besides, even when the application is not used. The most dangerous thing is that a ‘zip extension’ file can be downloaded to your phone without your permission.

This means that an illegal image can be placed on your phone at once or data you do not want, as if you were using it. It is possible to have it on your phone like you and to produce a crime from here. “


“In this application, people shoot and share their videos. But when we look at the status of the users in our country, the number of users under the age of 18 is very high. The membership requirement for this application is 13 and over. But here 11 and 12 years old children can easily install this application by wondering. Those children are not interested in who watched the video they shared in the application. We cannot expect the child of that age to think about it. However, pedophile criminals follow the videos of people in this age range with interest and feel the need to communicate with them over time. These issues are actually a great danger for those children. However, they are not aware of this, and they cannot predict who their victims are. Here, frankly, this is the real danger. “(DHA)

TikTok phenomena lift Trump's ban in court

TikTok triumphed over the ban imposed by the Trump government in America. More precisely, TikTok users won this victory. A federal judge in Pennsylvania overruled the injunction order banning TikTok from being used in the country from November 12th.

It was not TikTok, but three TikTok phenomena, each with millions of followers. The phenomena named Douglas Marland (2.7 million followers), Alec Chambers (1.8 million followers) and Cosette Rinab (2.3 million followers) argued that if the cautionary decision took effect, they would lose their connection with their followers and they would lose access to professional business opportunities that TikTok had given them. This meant that phenomena would lose their brand sponsorship and revenue.


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This case is not the first time US courts have ruled on TikTok against the Trump government. Last month, a judge in Washington overruled the decision that ordered the app to be removed from the App Store and Google Pay Store in the US. However, this decision did not cover the ban that will take effect on November 12.


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