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TikTok warns users about video showing ronnie suicide

TikTok has been trying to prevent the spread of a video of a man attempting suicide with a gun since last Sunday.

The video was discovered by a lot of people as it was featured in the For You section of TikTok. Although TikTok tries to prevent the video from spreading, the video is re-uploaded to the platform by other users.

The statement made by TikTok on the subject includes the following statements: “Our systems automatically detect and mark such content that praises, glorifies and encourages suicide. We penalize accounts that upload this content over and over, and we thank our users who warn others about sharing this content and notify us of the situation. “

The incident also reveals the obvious weakness in TikTok’s algorithm. TikTok users are trying to prevent more people from watching these videos by sharing content alerts.

In a study conducted by BuzzFeed News in 2017, at least 45 sensitive cases were detected in Facebook Live, which was launched in 2015, in a short period of two years. These include topics such as suicide, shooting, murder, torture and child abuse.

Suicide footage is automatically detected and banned by TikTok's algorithm

In the statements made by TikTok officials, it was mentioned that the images of the moment of suicide, statements praising the suicide and incidents that encouraged suicide violate the platform rules. Stating that every content uploaded to the platform is controlled by algorithms, the officials say that even if this and such videos are uploaded repeatedly, they will be removed instantly.

“Your accounts can be closed”
TikTok spokesperson Hilary McQuaide said that users who try to share the suicide video that has been spreading recently will be closed immediately. Expressing that the majority of its users have already reported the accounts sharing this video, McQuaide thanked them and said that they were grateful for their efforts to protect the platform.

By the way, the shared suicide video is not the first. Users prefer Facebook Live for such events. In a study conducted by BuzzFeed News in 2017, at least 45 sensitive cases were detected in a short period of two years on Facebook Live, which was launched in 2015. These include topics such as suicide, shooting, murder, torture and child abuse. Although Facebook says that it stops such content with its algorithms, it seems that some content could not be blocked.

Many People Took to Twitter to Warn Users About the Graphic Viral Video

On September 7, Twitter became flooded with warnings about the viral trend on TikTok, with many of us sharing a still of the video and telling people to exit any video where they see that image. One user wrote, “Apparently there’s a tiktok circulating where a person kills himself with a shotgun? Pls stay safe n stand back from tiktok for subsequent couple days till the video gets banned it’s really graphic and it keeps exposure on ppls for you pages.”

Another said, “if you see this guy on your fyp PLS SCROLL PAST IT!! its a vid of a man committing su*c*de on camera!! it just popped abreast of my fyp and that i didnt know what it had been and that i watched it and that i almost had a scare from it. pls rt and spread this!!”

Many Tiktok Users Warned Their Followers About Suicide Video

  • The Verge reported that video clips showing a man killed by suicide have been circulating on TikTok since Sunday night.
  • The creators are warning the TikTok community on social media about the clip and encourage people to stay away from the video when they come across it.
  • TikTok told Business Insider that the app’s systems “detect and mark” clips in the video, and the team banned users who “repeatedly” tried to upload the video to the platform.
  • Earlier this year, it was not the first time the company was dealing with a recorded suicide, as TikTok employees waited hours on the platform to inform the police of the apparent death of a Brazilian teenager after broadcasting it live.

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