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TikTok, who managed to spread his own fashion trends, almost all the clothes worn by Tiktoker

Now there is a concept called TikTok fashion in our lives.

TikTok application, which has entered our lives quickly, has become the focus of attention of young people in a short time.

The platform, where users from all over the world come together and can easily access each other’s videos, has started to reveal its own trends.

TikTok fashion, which has close followers both in the world and in our country, has certain patterns.

Young people are influenced by each other, sometimes adding new things, and fashion is evolving in this way.

1. It is very common to use oversized sweatshirts or t-shirts as dresses.

2. Short tops are a must. Normal length t-shirts are often used by curling inward or cutting.

3. The belt is a must-have accessory. Especially long, fabric versions are loved.

4. Rough-looking, sore sneakers are very popular.

It is important that it is either very colorful or white.

5. Striped, luminous and colorful sports jackets are also a must for being a Tiktoker.

6. Colorful hats and caps are the favorite accessories.

7. We almost forgot the socks. You can see colorful, patterned long socks in almost every video.

8. Torn clothes, especially jeans, are in the foreground.

9. Tracksuits are already a fixture of today’s fashion. They are very strong in Tiktok fashion.

10. Short shorts, especially cotton shorts known as home shorts, are experiencing the golden age.

11. Colorful hair is also a complement to colorful clothes.

12. Waist bags can be seen in almost every video.

13. Dressing up is also an important TikTok fashion rule.

How do you find the TikTok fashion that is seen as the Z generation fashion?


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