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Tom Hardy “New James Bond” Which football team does he support?

Venom Star Actor Tom Hardy Tells the Team He Supports

TOTTENHAM’s All Or Nothing docuseries on Amazon is finally out.

And you’ll be ready to hear a really famous voice narrating all of the twists and turns of Spurs’ memorable first season under Jose Mourinho.

The first three episodes of All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur were broadcast on August 31.

Then subsequent three are going to be released on September 7, and therefore the final three on September 14.

The full series are going to be available to observe on Amazon Prime Video.

Actor Hardy’s involvement could attract even more people to the series, which also delves into Spurs’ new 62,000-seater stadium and therefore the coronavirus lockdown.

Tom Hardy stated that he is a supporter of Tottenham from England teams. The famous actor supports the Tottenham football team in the Premier League.

With the movie Venom, Tom Hardy was featured in the Tottenham documentary. The English actor expressed his interest in football matches. He announced that he was a Tottenham fan right from his childhood.

Is narrator Tom Hardy a Tottenham fan?

Tom Hardy left many issues about himself unanswered. The successful actor stated that it was important for him to take part in the documentary of the Tottenham team.


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