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Tottenham’s star striker Harry Kane tries to deal with thieves

Thieves stole Harry Kane's £ 100,000 car

England’s national team and Tottenham’s star striker Harry Kane’s car was stolen by daylight. It is stated that the value of the star football player’s car is approximately 100 thousand pounds. Kane becomes the 3rd footballer in Tottenham to become a theft victim.

Tottenham’s star striker Harry Kane’s luxury Range Rover, worth about 100,000 pounds, was stolen. It was stated that the thieves belonged to a gang and had been following Kane for a while. After Kane, Dele Alli and Jan Vertonghen, he became the third football player in Tottenham to suffer theft.s, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The existence of such motorcycle gangs in London has been known for a very long time, and these gangs often target footballers. Police officials reported to Harry Kane that the thieves were very professional and the car was unlikely to be taken back by the police.

Harry Kane: The Car Is Not Important

It was reported that the 28-year-old star player was happy that no one was harmed to his health and said that the car is not important. On the other hand, it was informed that the thieves disarmed the car’s locking system with a remote device.

Mesut Özil Had Problems With Thieves

As will be remembered, Mesut Özil and Arsenal’s teammate Kolasinac were attacked by an armed robbery gang at the exit of a Turkish restaurant in the summer last year, but fortunately they escaped from this attack without any injuries or financial damage.

Thefts Increase in the UK

Thefts in the UK continue to increase due to economic difficulties after the Coronavirus. The thieving gangs, especially in England, looked at the goods of the most famous names. After frequent thefts, British police are looking for specific ways to resolve events faster. British police quickly launched an investigation after Harry Kane complained after his car was stolen.


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