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Trump: Pompeo can wash dishes to a government official

U.S. President Donald Trump defended Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who was accused of “abusing his post”. Speaking about the dismissal of Chief Inspector Steve Linick, who examined the investigation that Pompeo ordered a government official to walk his dog and get his clothes dry, he said that the Secretary of State “had no problem using a government official to wash the dishes”.

‘If the spouse is not able to wash dishes,

Trump, on a question at the press conference in the White House, said, “Look, Mike, a person with superior qualities … And now you’re talking to me about taking a dog, washing dishes. You know, I would prefer her to be on the phone with a world leader instead of washing dishes, perhaps because her husband or kids don’t have it. ”

Saying that he does not know anything about the investigation about Pompeo, Trump said “this is not so important”. Trump said that Pompeo “had peace talks with big countries and guns the world has never seen,” rather than taking a dog.


Trump continued, “Maybe he’s busy and maybe he’s negotiating with [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un about nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, he perhaps asked, “Would you please take my dog ​​around, I’m talking to Kim Jong-un”. Or, he asked a secret service officer or someone else saying, “I’m on the phone right now with [Chinese President] President Shi about the damage and payments they’ve given us. Please take my dog ​​for a walk.” ”

Last week, an investigation came into the agenda that Pompeo was using a government employee to ‘do his errands’. Chief Inspector Steve Linick, who was one of the chief investigators of the investigation, was quickly dismissed and replaced by Stephen Akard, known for his close proximity to US Vice President Mike Pence. (EXTERNAL NEWS)


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