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Trump took refuge in the bunker! Army landed on the street

Trump went to refuge! The army went down the street, thousands of demonstrators were detained. It was claimed that there could be a major conflict. The demonstrators are out of control!

Where Donald Trump Fled

As of this morning, soldiers landed on the street in more than half of US states, according to breaking news. It turned out that Trump, who did not appear publicly on Sunday, was taken to the shelter under the White House. Despite curfews, crowds of streets in almost dozens of U.S. cities, looting and chaos are everywhere. There are many dead and wounded people in the USA where guns were fired, thousands of demonstrators were detained.

With the spread of a 10-minute video recording on social media, almost civil war was triggered, cities were burned down, the corona virus outbreak was completely forgotten, all fault lines were displaced.

Boston, Massachusetts
In the US, the wave of protests erupted a week after black George George was killed by the police, while violent skirmishes, looting and chaos were everywhere on Sunday night. There are thousands of detentions, many dead and injured nationwide.

Washington dc
Tensions peaked shortly before the curfew came into force in Washington, the capital. The demonstrations near the White House started peacefully first.

However, after the police sprayed pepper gas, she returned to the battlefield, demonstrators who set up barricades in Lafayette Park clashed with the police.

Washington dc
Angry protesters who shouted ‘Black Life is Valuable’, ‘I Can’t Breathe’ and ‘There Is No Peace Or Justice,’ threw fireworks and pet bottles filled with water.

After a while, the historic St. A place close to the Church of John and some vehicles set on fire, the police used pepper spray again.

It was observed that some of the protesters who broke the windows of the surrounding buildings were trying to break a bank’s ATM by blowing fireworks.

On a street near the White House

Some parked vehicles were also arsoned in a street near the White House. Some of the vehicles were turned over, some were set on fire.

While many stores were looted in the capital Washington, the small building, which was a public toilet inside the police barricade in front of the White House, was also burned.

St. on the same street. The fire in the basement of St. John’s Church was extinguished by fire department. Washington Mayor announced that national guards would step in during the day.

With the curfew going into effect at 11:00 am local time, the Washington DC National Guard also stepped in to enforce the curfew. Demonstrators began to disperse shortly after the curfew.

President Donald Trump never made public on Sunday. It was also noteworthy that Trump did not post a message on Twitter during the evening of events in Washington on Sunday.

The US leader retweeted the Twitter message of conservative commentator Buck Sexton, who advocated that there should be a harder intervention against protesters only during the day.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Many media outlets, such as the American Associated Press (AP) news agency, the New York Times and CNN television, report that President Trump was hiding in an underground bunker during protests in front of the White House on Friday night.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

According to reports, after protests erupted around the White House, secret service agents took Trump and her family to the underground bunker used in terrorist attacks in the past.

According to the AP’s report, an unnamed official from the Trump administration also confirmed this information, and it is unknown whether First Lady Melania Trump and her 14-year-old son, Barron Trump, also landed in the bunker.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

According to a Republican source near the White House, Donald Trump remained in the shelter for about an hour in the bunker, which was generally designed to be used in extraordinary situations, such as terrorist attacks.

Boston, Massachusetts

During the September 11 attacks in 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney also hid in this bunker. The bunker is said to be sturdy enough to withstand the crash of a passenger plane to the White House.

Some White House officials, which the New York Times did not name, reported that Trump and her family were concerned about their Friday night experience.

Denver, Colorado

The far-right US leader shared scandalous messages from his Twitter account after Floyd’s murder, as expected. Trump, who previously hinted that protesters could open fire if looting began, said the following on Friday night:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I watched all the insiders. I couldn’t feel myself any more. If the demonstrators had entered the White House, they would have been greeted with the wildest dogs and the most wretched weapons I’ve ever seen.”

Atlanta, Georgia

British The Guardian newspaper reports that Trump has not addressed the public despite the protests that have been going on for days and continues to send provocative messages on Twitter.

Los Angeles, California

CNN International reports that more than half of the US states have launched the National Guard, as of this morning at local time. This means that the soldier goes down the street against the demonstrators. The states in question are: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia to which the capital Washington is attached.

Landsing, michigan
Curfews have been declared in at least 40 cities, including major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Orange County, Atalanta, Chicago, Louisville, Seattle and Detroit. But in addition to the capital, Washington, crowds of streets were poured in dozens of cities.


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