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Turkey 37 University and Became 18th among 100 countries

University of strengths and development to highlight the clear orientation METU Informatics is located in the Institute of University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) in the ranking of the year 2019-2020 prepared by the Research Laboratory, the best universities in the world listed by 61 different fields of science.

The universities of the 100 countries on the list that will be announced to the public through the URAP website are evaluated based on the articles and references produced according to the fields of science, taking into account the academic performance of the last 5 years. According to URAP’s science field ranking, USA in 20 of 61 fields and China universities in 20 of them became the first in the world. The Netherlands 8, England 5, France 3, Brazil ranked the first in 2 fields, while Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore came first in each field.

In the previous world area rankings, the USA ranked first in 21 and China ranked 18. This year, China won first place in 2 new areas. The USA, on the other hand, lost the first place in a field and gained an equal number with China.

Harvard World Leader

Harvard was the world leader in 16 out of 61 fields. Tsinghua University, located in China after Harvard, ranked first in the world in 11 areas. The University of Amsterdam, from the Netherlands, remained the best in the world in 4 areas. Geosciences University from China and Wageningen University from the Netherlands succeeded in maintaining their previous rankings in 3 ranks.

According to the ranking in 61 science fields, the first places were shared by 30 different universities from 10 countries, while this year it was shared by 24 different universities from 9 countries. In the science field ranking, 2 thousand 191 universities from 100 different countries took part with at least one field.

The USA, which took the first place in the success list, took place with 366 universities in all 61 areas. This country was followed by China with 326 universities in 61 areas and Japan with 119 universities. The number of universities in at least one field ranking this year increased from 272 to 366 in the USA, from 256 to 326 in China, and from 109 to 119 in Japan.

Turkish Universities mostly took part in the field of Engineering and Medicine

While Turkish universities took place in 28 of 61 fields last year, this year it took place in 36 of 61 fields. The number of Turkish universities in at least one field ranking this year was 37.

Turkey, with 37 universities’ world ranking field “by entering n, among the countries with the most universities on the list, was ranked 18th. Medicine and engineering have created the areas where Turkish universities have the highest number. Turkey, 18 university rankings engineering, medicine also entered the rankings with 21 universities.

Best Universities in Turkey

The status of the Turkish universities that achieved the best degrees this year has been summarized in the URAP World Area Ranking.

Accordingly, METU succeeded in entering the top 150 in the field of aerospace engineering, 138th. The university entered the top 200 in the field of philosophy, 198 in the field of transportation technology, and the first 250 in the field of civil engineering, and the 250 in the field.

ITU was ranked 121st in the field of aviation and aerospace engineering and 134th in the field of civil engineering, making it among the top 250 and 239th in geology.

Gazi University, showed the success of the first 100 to enter the 71ST of sociology in the field of dentistry 200th and 192nd in the first 200 entries in anthropology.

Anadolu University succeeded in entering the top 100 as the 83rd in sociology, and was among the top 200 in the field of aviation engineering.

Selçuk University succeeded in entering the top 150 in the field of sociology in the first 150 and in the top 200 in the field of education.

Eastern Mediterranean University ranks 70th in the field of international relations, top 100th in the field of fine arts at Boğaziçi University, 137th in the history of Ankara University, 140th in the history of Hacettepe University, 140th in dentistry in the first 150, Istanbul University in the field of dentistry in the 147th place in the top 150. Koç University entered the top 200 as the 156th in history, 175th in the Ege University dentistry and the top 200 in Bilkent University aviation and aerospace engineering.

‘Our Rise in Rankings is Slow but Healthy’

Prof. URAP Dr. Ural Akbulut noted that it is everyone’s desire to see Turkish universities rise faster in world field rankings. It is slow. But for me, we are experiencing a healthy rise. ”

In recent years the number of articles in Turkey growth rate Noting that a decline observed Akbulut, “Our number of publications has remained under the, albeit slowly, despite the increase Turkey’s falling number of citations world average per broadcast. The reason for this decline is very low or zero impact value in recent years increased published in Turkey number sourced article in the magazine. the rate of such publications, some universities is far above the world average. University administrators, assignment and impact value in upgrading to take into consideration the article are very high scores in the high magazines will help to solve this problem, “he said.

Akbulut stated that people who want to examine the location of universities in detail can access the list from the address “http: // tr. Urapcenter. Org”.


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