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Turkish technology company started selling products to Apple!

NanoMagnetic Scientific Devices, which makes its name known to the world with its high technology products, continues its success in export.

NanoMagnetic Scientific Devices, which conducts R&D studies in Technopark Ankara and METU Technopolis, has been developing and producing electronic test devices, microscopes and magnetic imaging systems that can operate at very low temperatures and pressures since 1999.

NanoMagnetic Scientific Devices Manager and Dean of METU Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dr. Ahmet Oral told AA correspondent that they have developed the atomic force microscope that can map the surfaces at the nanometer level, within the scope of a SANTEZ Project of about 400 thousand dollars and completed the prototype after a 3-year study.

Stating that they used close to 1 million dollars for an oral, salable product, “We were able to sell many products afterwards. We received TUBITAK TEYDEB support for a higher version 2-3 years ago. We are continuing our sales on the web and over the last year.We made the most sales to South Korea last year.While a strong entrance to the Chinese market, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic emerged. One of our important targets is the Chinese market with high potential. “he said.

Expressing that they sold one of the first versions of the microscope to Microsoft in 2015, Oral then added that Samsung was added to it. Explaining that Samsung is using the product to analyze and improve mobile phone screens, Oral said:

“The size of one of the best cell phones at the moment is around 50 micrometers. There is a pixel about the diameter of the hair. There are 3-4 colors in each pixel. Their size is about 25-26 microns. To improve, characterize, analyze them. We think Apple will use it for a similar purpose. We have developed a high-tech, completely domestic and national product. We received the first order of 2020 from Apple in January and quickly delivered.

Apple aspired to both small and large models of our product. At the first stage, we exported our small model. Our larger model will follow. Our negotiations with Google, Tesla, SpaceX are also ongoing. We have negotiations with new organizations and universities, such as NASA, for new products. ”

“Superior than equivalent products”

Oral said that the firms sent their samples to 4-5 companies while choosing the products and selected the best product in terms of performance by looking at the results obtained. Oral, “Our product is superior to its counterparts and more affordable in price with the results obtained. It is a preferred product in the world.”

Pointing out that the atomic force microscope is used to search for answers to many questions, from the surface roughness to electrical properties, magnetic properties and magnetic field effects of a material to be used in medicine, Oral can measure all properties at the nano level, 3D imaging can also be done to examine DNA. He emphasized that this microscope can be used.

90 percent of sales are exports

Oral stated that they aim to deliver their products to the world’s top 100 universities, “We have almost completed the top 10 and 20 universities. We have given our products from the top 100 to nearly 50 universities. We export close to 90 percent of our sales. our products are used in many research centers. ”

Oral, who also evaluates his goals, said that they aim to deepen the technology fundamentals and grow the company.

Oral stated that they are competent in many fields and cooperate with academicians in the country and abroad when they do not, and added:

“We are trying to grow and become a more stable and stable company. We started to enter the defense industry slowly. We have a Radiation Detector project with a faculty member from METU Physics Department within the scope of the Presidential Defense Industry Project. We are trying to expand to different areas. . we want to do things no one else to do. Everyone is surprised, ‘is such a thing can be done in Turkey?’ We have many troubles, but it can be done. We are also proud to show this. ”


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