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Turkish Tiktok Phenomenon Yaren Alaca Reached 2.5 Million Followers

Turkish Tiktok Phenomenon Yaren Alaca Quickly Gains Followers

Turkish Tiktok Phenomenon Yaren Alaca has become one of the Tiktok users who have gained the most followers recently. The young tiktok phenomenon has become one of the fastest growing users of recent times.

Yaren Alaca, who managed to attract attention with his short videos and viral posts on Tiktok, turned him into a financial income with this success.

The young phenomenon seizes a good business opportunity thanks to its recent success and high advertising fees. Turkish Tiktok Phenomenon was one of the users of the country that gained the most followers in August.

Tiktok Phenomenon Who is Yaren Alaca?

Yaren Alaca was born on May 29, 2003. He was born in Bursa and his hometown is Bursa, but currently lives in Istanbul. Yaren Alaca is a Yugoslav immigrant. It has become very popular with the playback videos it shot on TikTok and has gained millions of followers. Yaren Alaca lives in the same house with a team named Juan and they produce content together. The Juan team includes names such as Cemre Solmaz, Merve Yalçın, Berke Juan and Kürşat Juan.

TikTok, or Douyin, known in China as it is known, is a social media application created on the basis of that provides live broadcasting as well as video creation and sharing. Launched by ByteDance in September 2016, the application, which is the leader in the short video platform in Asia and has spread to other countries, has become the fastest growing application within the scope of short-term music videos.

Many young people continue to be a phenomenon thanks to Tiktok, one of the new Social media apps. There are different business lines, especially in the new world. Among these jobs is now being a Phenomenon. Like Yaren alaca, millions of people get into this business by earning serious money from advertising revenues.

Merging with Tiktok influenced young people more

On November 9, 2017, TikTok parent company ByteDance spent $ 1 billion buying startup company, which has an office in Shanghai-based Santa Monica and is a social media platform for American youth. Wanting to leverage the young user base of the US digital platform, TikTok merged with this venture company on August 2, 2018, by bringing together existing accounts and data available on in a single application to create a larger video community.


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