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Two iconic brands met in the makeup collection

Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris, which started personally before Karl Lagerfeld’s death and completed in his memory, was launched at Paris Fashion Week. Paris’s two iconic brands L’Oréal Paris and Karl Lagerfeld’s co-makeup collection “Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris” reappeared Lagerfeld’s iconic and impressive perspective under the roof of L’Oréal Paris with the ‘Rock Chic’ concept . It is possible to obtain a wide range of different views with the collection.

Karl Lagerfeld. . . One of the icons that inspired the concept of fashion for the last half century. Nobody followed the rules. He touched places that no designer touched before and created his own image. . .


Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris, which started its design personally before Karl Lagerfeld’s death and completed it in memory, was launched at Paris Fashion Week. The new collection will be sold only in Trendyol in Turkey.

The collection with stylish design in black color includes lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow palette. With the products in the Karl Lagerfeld X L’Oréal Paris Collection, a wide variety of looks can be obtained, from rebellious and attractive rock chic to natural-looking nude.

The collection blends Lagerfeld’s chic style with rock inspirations with classic and effortless elegance inspired by Paris. The private collection, whose global launch took place at the Paris Fashion Week, will be available at Trendyol.

Karl Lagerfeld Brand and Communications Manager Caroline Lebar said in a statement about the new makeup collection, “The exciting collection for all fashion lovers who admire the iconic memory of Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld genetics and everything Karl loves about makeup. reflects in the sense. Together with L’Oréal Paris’s message of ‘beauty for everyone’ that inspires the world, Karl believed that the combination of the brand L’Oréal Paris and his brand will be able to touch the lives of many people. ”

L’Oréal Paris Global Brand President Delphine Viguier said: “All collaborations with fashion designers are a great honor for us, but this collaboration has a different meaning for the L’Oréal Paris brand. Karl made the fashion accessible to everyone. L’Oréal Paris, on the other hand, aimed to shape the concept of beauty according to women’s own rules and desires. We look forward to sharing the collection born out of the unity of these two creative visions with the world. ”

Karl Lagerfeld Brand CEO Pier Paolo Righi said, “It is exciting to realize the respectable collection that the Parisian fashion icon brought together by the two brands. He underlined the strength and excitement of the collection.


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