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Ukrainian model Daria Kyryliuk, battered by security guards, spoke for the first time

Ukrainian model Daria Kyryliuk speaks for the first time

Daria Kyryliuk and her boyfriend Baran Güneş, who were battered by security guards at the club, located on a seaside beach in Çeşme District of Izmir, spoke. The young woman said, “The two people started to hit me. They dropped me down. I don’t remember the next one.”

Ukrainian top model Daria Kyryliuk and her friends were attacked by security guards at the touristic Momo Beach facility in Çeşme Dalyan, 4 days ago. The attacked model Daria Kyryliuk shared a post-event photo of her social media platform. After the attack, model Daria Kyryliuk and her friends complained to Çeşme District Police Department, and the police started an investigation into the incident. Speaking after the incident, the young model said, “The two people started to hit me. They dropped me down. I don’t remember the rest. I cried after going home and had a panic attack.”


Daria Kyryliuk, who was alleged to be attacked and battered, made statements to DHA after the incident. Kyryliuk said, “We went to Momo Beach Club to have fun with our friends. I also had foreign friends. We had problems with the security guard. They started fighting with my boyfriends. Then two people started to hit me. They dropped me down. I don’t remember the next. We went home later. I cried after going home and had a panic attack, “he said.

Two people attacked the model

Daria Kyryliuk’s boyfriend, Baran Güneş, said, “We came to the door with security. We started to discuss with security. The discussion turned into a fight at once. He got punched from two different people. One of those who hit was a bodyguard at the age of 60. After getting beaten, we got into trouble.” We all got on. Even though we got in the car, they continued to kick us and punch us. When we went home, Daria had a panic attack. She cried on the grass for half an hour. All sides were bleeding. Her nose was bleeding, there was blood on her cheek, her eyes were swollen. Daria was a mannequin and money with her face and body. He was able to come to him half an hour later. After he came to him, I took him to the hospital. Then we went to the police station and testified. “

Wanted claimant person

While the investigation is continuing, Mircan Kızılay, who served as a valet at the beach club, whose name was involved in the beating of the famous model and his friend, denied the allegations. Kızılay said, “We were standing in the valet area on the night of the event. It was very busy and crowded. They were also very crowded.

They were drunk when we left the place. They were fighting with other groups. We tried to separate them and put them in their car. Then we sent them. There is nothing like knocking and breaking. a slander, we did not do such a thing, we are victims. We complained. “he said.

"Are we doubtful or uncertain?"

Tolga Turgut, one of the lawyers of the Red Crescent, said, “We are a customer, we are suspicious, it is not certain in the process. We have declared that we have come to the prosecutor. There is a claim that the lady who was battered by her friend. The process will be finalized in the coming days. “will be.”

Ercan Dönmez, another lawyer of the Red Crescent, said: “My client and colleagues are both victims and suspects as a result of a lie on social media. Unfortunately, all issues will be revealed in the future.”


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