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UN urges Russian-US dialogue for Syria

Pedersen inform the UN Security Council by video conference, in northwestern Syria, thanks to an agreement reached between Russia and Turkey in March Idlib is now calm and said he hoped the continuation of this situation.

Pedersen, stating that the crisis in Syria will not be resolved with a new constitution, but that serious work to be put forward by the Constitutional Committee will build trust between the parties and contribute to the political process, in case of global travel’s hand after the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) stated that he was ready to convene the committee for the third time.


Saying that “a new and meaningful international cooperation” is needed for the solution of the crisis in Syria, Pedersen said, “I believe that the Russian-American dialogue has a key role here. ” made the assessment.

Pedersen, Turkey and he stated that Iran plays a key role in resolving the crisis in Syria.


Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations made a speech at the UN Security Council Feridun Sinirlioğlu.

despite occasional violations occurred in Idlib SinirliogÌ stating that the implementation of the ceasefire, ” Turkey continues its efforts to ensure stability in the field. Since March 15, M4 has joint patrols with Russia on the road. More than 140 thousand Syrians displaced within the country returned to their homes, ” he said.

“Noting that they witnessed that the regime in Idlib was making an uninterrupted military stack”, Sinirlioğlu warned that most of these developments would put the lives of millions of Syrians, women and children, at risk.

Sinirlioğlu said, “We cannot let the regime see the ceasefire as an opportunity to rebound for its next attack.”

Sinirlioğlu stated that the barbaric terrorist attacks that took place in Afrin on 28 April and in Al-Bab on 9 May, caused the deaths of more than 50 civilians, including babies, ” PKK / YPG Since mid-March, it has carried out more than 30 terrorist attacks, including suicide attacks in northern Syria, and these attacks took place at a time when the so-called SDF acted as if it were supporting the UN Secretary-General’s calls for global ceasefire. ”


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