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Unforgettable movies on TV screen

Updating the broadcast streams with the slogan “Home is Full of Life”, TRT continues to host special productions on its screens.

The culture and art channel TRT 2 will be presented to the cinema lovers every evening during the month of May.

Bringing productions to the audience in many fields from literature to history, from painting to theater, from music to philosophy, TRT 2 will bring award-winning and prestigious films to the screen.

The films that will be released in the original language throughout May are as follows:

Friday, May 1: “Admiral (Admiral)”

Saturday, May 2: “Rebel In The Rye” in the Rye Field

May 3 Sunday: “Three Ways”

Monday, May 4: “The Most Beautiful Story of Paulo Coelho (The Pilgrim Paulo Coelho’s Best Story)”

Tuesday, May 5: “400 Blows (The 400 Blows)”

Wednesday, May 6: “Blue Bicycle”

Thursday, May 7: “My Love Song (My Own Love Song)”

Friday, May 8: “Square (The Square)”

Saturday, May 9: “Millionaire (Slumdog Millionaire)”

Sunday, May 10: “My Mother (Mia Madre)”

Monday, May 11: “Woman at War”

Tuesday, May 12: “Today Was Really Ground (Groundhog Day)”

Wednesday 13 May: “Debt”

Thursday 14 May: “93 Articles (Summer 1993)”

Friday, May 15: “Maudie”

Saturday, May 16: “King Lear (King Lear)”

Sunday, May 17: “Queen Lear”

Monday, May 18: “Awakenings”

Tuesday, May 19: “Arackers (Shoplifters)”

Wednesday, May 20: “Crossing Lives (Heal The Living)”

Thursday, May 21: “Yellow Hot”

Friday, May 22: “Orange Days”

Saturday, May 23: “The Salesman)”

May 24 Sunday: “Mute”

Monday, May 25: “Aga”

Tuesday, May 26: “The Wedding Invitation”

Wednesday, May 27: “Aydede”

Thursday, May 28: “Russian Treasure Chest (Russian Ark)”

Friday, May 29: “The Ottoman Lieutenant”

Saturday, May 30: “Empty House (3-Iron)”

31 May Sunday: “The White Ribbon”

Source: Hürriyet


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