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Viktoria Odintcova hottest new photos

Viktoria Odintcova is the favorite of social licorice with her newest hot poses

Viktoria Odintcova, a hot 26-year-old Russian model, is a rapidly rising celebrity. Viktoria Odintcova surpassed many models with 5 million followers on Instagram. The fiery natural beauty Odintcova seems to be one of the most important models of many advertising companies.

Viktoria Odintcova is one of the most natural models among models with her big breasts and sportive pop. Especially with her fit body and working principles that many women should take as an example, she draws an image of an exemplary model.

He was once silent about his love claims with his name Cristiano Ronaldo. Later, it came to the fore that the Portuguese football player sent messages to the hot model from social media.

Russian model Viki Odintcova took to her Instagram page on Friday, September 18, and wowed her 5.1 million fans with a lot of marvelous photos.

In the snaps, Viki shook an exquisite, grayish silk maxi dress that impeccably embraced her bends. The outfit flaunted spaghetti lashes and a low profile neck area, which caused to notice her immaculate décolletage. She additionally flaunted a brief look at cleavage.

The dress additionally highlighted a thigh-high cut, through which Viki flaunted her very much conditioned legs. She finished the clothing with a couple of coordinating heels, which gave her legs a considerably more lengthened look.

Viki fixed her brunette braids, letting her locks course over her back and shoulders. Regarding gems, she selected a couple of band studs and a shimmering wristband in one of her wrists. The cutie likewise conveyed a coordinating grip.

As per the geotag, the shoot occurred at the Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 in St.Petersburg, Russia. The preview was caught inside, in a room that highlighted a glass rooftop and dividers. Accordingly, a lot of daylight fell over her.

Stunning seats and other furniture could be found out of sight, while the image additionally caught the perspective on the reasonable blue sky, which could be seen through the glass rooftop.

Viki included two photographs from a shoot. In the principal pic, she took a gander at the camera while inclining her head and her lips. In the subsequent picture, she turned away and flashed a grin.

Viktoria Odintcova net worth

Full value is known about Viktoria Odintcova net earnings. However, his net worth is estimated at $ 5 million annually. After the latest advertising deals and important work with Mavrin advertising company, the hot model is rapidly rising on the list of top earners.

Viktoria Odintcova travels in many countries with advertising sponsorships. Viktoria Odintcova net worth is thought to be deals of $ 100,000 from advertising deals. The hot model Viktoria works as a model in many trendy outfits with her natural body lines and dark skin.


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