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Violent reaction from Star Wars star John Boyega to the killing of George Floyd

Star Wars will Survive the Memory of George Floyd from John Boyega. Famous Actor gives great support to activists. She began to take part in her own slogan of no racism.

Support to George Floyd Actions by John Boyega

Star Wars franchise star John Boyega, the violent reaction of George Floyd’s murder by the police, came to the fore in social media.

Reactions are growing against the murder of a black citizen named George Floyd in the US state of Minneapolis by the police while being detained.

John Boyega, who was engraved with the Finn character in the Star Wars series, also reacted to what happened on his Twitter account. “I hate fucking racists,” Boyega said in a message.

While Boyega’s tweet was liked by more than a million people, some social media users criticized the famous actor for using profanity.

Boyega ignored the criticism and said, “This is my personal account. I am not here for children. ”

The famous actor then gave a harder response to the criticisms directed to him with a video he posted on his Instagram account. “This is an ongoing cycle and it’s going on,” says Boyega. I don’t live in the USA, but I’m black. S… m. That’s why I’ll say it once more, racist white people go away. ”

The famous actor is with the activists!

Stating that if any racist comment comes to their share, Boyega stated that they will block the comments individually, “This is not about career, money. All these things were my dream. It was part of the job. This has nothing to do with how you treat people. You can’t annoy me, I’m not someone to be annoyed. “I was not raised by weak people,” he said.

John Boyega, who said that his mother called him “Good Boy” because of the statements he used, was also exposed to many racist comments when he got the role in Star Wars.

The famous actor is involved in the action against racism. The persecution of black people, especially, is waiting for support from the movie actress, who advocates that it should end. Actions in the USA are growing every day.

John Adedayo Bamidele Adegboyega, professionally known as John Boyega, is a known British actor starring Finn in The Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of The Skywalker.


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