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Ways to disinfect your makeup brushes


Cleaning your makeup brushes and tools can be a chore. The truth is that using flossing, exercising and other boring but very important things in life, cleaning our beauty tools is something we need to take seriously.

Dirty brushes not only prevent your makeup from looking the best, but also bristles can accommodate dirt, oil and germs that clog your pores.

If you continue longer without sterilizing your instruments, more bacteria and fungi can accumulate and lead to conditions such as acne, microbial eye problems, and even staph infections.

There is also a technical issue. If you do not wash your brushes correctly, you run the risk of pouring or damaging the fibers. Fortunately, professional makeup artists have shared with us the tricks of cleaning your brushes quickly and effectively.

Choose the right cleaner

The first step in brush cleaning is to choose the right cleaner. Whether you use natural or synthetic bristle brushes, these bristles are delicate and, just like your own hair, they can begin to break and wear out if they are treated too hard.

Professional make-up artists often prefer formulas that do not require rinsing, as they constantly use their brushes.

If you have no patience to wait for wet brushes for hours; Formulas that use oil derivatives and dry instantly to get rid of sebum and makeup residue may be exactly what you need.

If you use your brushes only by yourself, you should clean them at least once a week to prevent dirt and bacteria from forming and causing stains.

You can go on a more traditional route with the rinse cleaner for weekly cleaning.

No matter what kind of formula you use, technical is the key. To prevent fraying, try to remove dirt from your brush in the same direction as your bristle, by gently rotating it in the palm of your hand or on a textured cleaning mat.

If you are using a waterless formula, wipe the bristles with a clean towel or paper towel and repeat until the brush does not discolour. For conventional formulas, rinse the brushes until water flows and no soap bubbles remain.


Brush bristles are first fixed with glue. When liquid remains on the brush, it may seep the bristles into the glue and start opening the brush. This causes your bristles to fall off.

To prevent spillage, lay your brushes flat on an absorbent towel and let them dry.


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